Bradley Walsh walks off The Chase set after worst cash-builder goes on to win big

19 June 2023, 14:53 | Updated: 19 June 2023, 15:30

Bradley Walsh walks off The Chase set in disbelief after worst cash-builder wins big

Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

The Chase's Bradley Walsh was left in disbelief after a self confessed 'rubbish' contestant made history.

The Chase’s Bradley Walsh ran off the set in disbelief after a contestant got through to the final with a huge cash prize.

Last week, another line up of four contestants joined the show in the hope of beating professional quizzer Jenny Ryan.

Pete, Andrew, Janty and Kerri were tasked with putting their knowledge to the test as they built up cash ahead of facing The Vixen.

But beautician Janty had viewers talking for all the wrong reasons when she managed to get all the questions wrong in the cash-builder round.

Janty got 0 in the cash builder on The Chase
Janty got 0 in the cash builder on The Chase. Picture: ITV

"Did that actually just happen?", asked one viewer, while another said: "The most stupid competitor ever #TheChase"

But while she built up no money whatsoever, The Vixen refused to offer Janty a sum lower than zero and gave her the higher offer of £40,000.

Janty told Bradley "you're only here once" as she took on the higher offer and shocked the entire audience.

In her head-to-head with Jenny, she managed to escape Chaser and made it through to the Final Chase with a whopping £40,000.

Bradley was unable to contain himself and ran off set with his arms in the air as he shouted: "I can't believe that!"

Bradley Walsh walked off The Chase set
Bradley Walsh walked off The Chase set. Picture: ITV

"Janty, that was tremendous. That will go down for me in Chase history.

"That was absolutely thrilling. I loved every second of that."

And fans were just as excited, as one wrote: “She’s only gone and done it. Well done Janty!#TheChase.”

Someone else said: “Janty should definitely buy a lottery ticket. #TheChase,” while a third wrote: “Incredible game by Janty! One of the greatest ever. She’s a hustler! #TheChase Boom!”

A fourth added: “Well done Janty. Played Jenny like a proper hustler. #thechase.”

Unfortunately, the beautician was the only player left in the Final Chase so she had a tough challenge ahead of her.

And luck wasn’t on her side, as the player was only able to answer six questions correctly, which meant Jenny caught her in just 34 seconds.

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