The Chase fans praise Mark Labbett's gesture to partially blind contestant

18 January 2023, 10:23

Mark Labbett closes his eyes to share experience with partially-blind contestant on The Chase


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Mark Labbett closed his eyes during his questions on The Chase against contestant Annah.

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The Chase viewers noticed a sweet gesture The Beast made when he played partially blind contestant Annah on Thursday.

Expert quizzer Mark Labbett was up against four new chasers on the ITV show.

But as he took on Annah, he decided to close his eyes whilst answering his set of questions so he wasn't able to read them.

This meant The Beast was relying on listening to host Bradley Walsh’s voice, just like his competitor.

Mark Labbett closed his eyes during his questions on The Chase
Mark Labbett closed his eyes during his questions on The Chase. Picture: ITV

One person wrote on Twitter: “Love that @MarkLabbett was keeping his eyes closed for Annah’s questions - making it a level playing field with consummate respect and integrity shown by The Beast. #TheChase.”

"@MarkLabbett not looking at the questions against Annah. Touch of class,” said another.

While a third added: "The beast is closing his eyes."

Magistrates Court worker Annah opened up about her sight impairment during the show, with Bradley asking: "Has that helped you in the legal game? And what I mean is are you sort of paying more attention?"

Rachel, Annah and Dave won £15,000 on The Chase
Rachel, Annah and Dave won £15,000 on The Chase. Picture: ITV

To which Annah replied: "You know what, you're actually right.

"Because I actually am not distracted by visual cues - you're right, that's very true."

Annah went on to impress viewers when she managed to bag £7,000 in the cash builder.

“Annah is easily their strongest player so far. #TheChase,” said one person, with another adding: “WOW Annah I knew she would be smart excellent answers.”

Annah and her teammates, Rachel and Dave, made it to the final chase and managed to answer 19 questions correctly between them.

Despite his best efforts, The Beast couldn’t match up and the contestants ended up taking home £15,000 between them.

"A well-deserved win and many Congratulations team Xxxxx," said one person on Twitter.

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