This Morning car crash interview has Holly and Phil in stitches as Andrew Castle suffers tech blunder

1 April 2020, 12:04

The segment had viewers of the show in stitches
The segment had viewers of the show in stitches. Picture: ITV

Today's episode of This Morning has had a few video chat problems.

Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield were left in hysterics today during a segment of This Morning which seemed to have endless problems with the video chat interview.

The presenting duo interviewed Matthew Wright, 54, and Andrew Castle, 56, about various cornavirus-related situations in what meant to be a rather serious part of the show, but the endless glitches turned it into something else.

The serious segment started off with a chat about coronavirus
The serious segment started off with a chat about coronavirus. Picture: ITV
Matthew's face kept freezing
Matthew's face kept freezing. Picture: ITV

Firstly, Matthew's interview kept buffering and the broadcaster's face was frozen in a number of hilarious expressions, which set off the hosts.

They then moved on to Andrew's opinions, but the former GMB presenter was struggling to understand how to work the video chat, accidentally switching his camera around to face his lovely kitchen.

Hilariously, Andrew didn't notice he'd done so, and carried on chatting away to the camera, with Holly, Phil and Matthew all giggling over the situation.

Andrew's daughter, Georgina was then seen running quickly into the kitchen, waving at the camera and dashing to help out her tech novice father.

Georgina could be seen waving at the camera
Georgina could be seen waving at the camera. Picture: ITV

She managed to switch the camera around to face him after a few seconds of confusion, but then his camera stopped working altogether.

The presenters joked that he now looked like he was being interviewed behind a bathroom window, as you could only see a faint outline of Andrew.

And it wasn't long before he had the camera up and running, and pointing in the wrong direction once again!

Fans of the show had all picked up on the interview's endless blunders, and found it absolutely hilarious.

Andrew finally got his call working
Andrew finally got his call working. Picture: ITV

"This is the segment that just keeps giving! #ThisMorning" said one fan, with another saying: "how funny is this morning with the video cam back to front then fuzzy, am howling".

And that wasn't all, with one more saying: "Crying with laughter at Andrew Castle on #ThisMorning."

"I absolutely love Andrew Castle! hes so funny with technology ... making like of this awful situation", added another viewer.