How to digitally send your child's rainbow drawings to the new NHS Nightingale Hospital

6 April 2020, 12:35 | Updated: 6 April 2020, 12:37

How to send your child's drawings to NHS Nightingale
How to send your child's drawings to NHS Nightingale. Picture: PA Images/ITV

This Morning is working with the new NHS Nightingale Hospital to brighten up the walls with children's artwork.

The new NHS Nightingale Hospital opened last week to help care for those during the coronavirus pandemic.

The temporary hospital was built in the Excel centre in just nine days, and is able to hold as many as 4,000 patients suffering with COVID-19 symptoms.

And now staff are asking people to send across their children’s drawings digitally to brighten up the walls of the hospital's ‘wellbeing area’ - which is where the doctors, nurses and all the other staff have a well-earned break.

Find out how to send your little one’s creation below:

How should I send my child's drawings to the Nightingale hospital?

The NHS Nightingale Hospital wants your little ones to decorate the walls of the hospital, with the help of This Morning.

This Morning mocked up what the wall would look like with digital images
This Morning mocked up what the wall would look like with digital images. Picture: ITV

To say thank you to the NHS, your children can draw or paint a picture of the doctors and nurses hard at work helping people.

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They can decorate it with colourful rainbows and messages of support, before adding their name and age somewhere on the picture.

Then take a photo of your child's artwork on your phone - making sure it is just the artwork, not your child - filling the frame of the photo, and upload it to the This Morning app.

Tap Get Involved and select the drop-down category Pictures for Nightingale. The deadline for sending pictures is midday on Friday 10 April.

This comes after a social media page was set up, asking for pictures ‘to bring some colour and hope to patients and staff’ and for them to be sent to regional addresses.

However the NHS have confirmed this is fake and have asked photos not to be physically posted to the hospital.

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