Viewpoint filming location: Where was the ITV drama filmed?

26 April 2021, 17:30

Viewpoint was filmed in Manchester
Viewpoint was filmed in Manchester. Picture: ITV

Where was ITV's Viewpoint filmed and what are the locations in Manchester?

ITV is back with brand new drama Viewpoint, starring Noel Clarke who plays a police surveillance detective.

The story follows Noel’s character DC Martin Young, who sets up an observation post in the home of a single mother to keep tabs on the prime suspect in a missing person case.

As we watch the drama unfold, where was Viewpoint filmed and what are the locations?

Where was Viewpoint filmed?

Filming of Viewpoint took place in Manchester, with most of the scenes shot in the city centre’s Northern Quarter.

Some scenes from Viewpoint were filmed in a studio
Some scenes from Viewpoint were filmed in a studio. Picture: ITV

What’s unusual about Viewpoint, is that it is shot as if the audience are looking into someone else’s window.

Director Ashley Way said the team had to shoot the drama in ‘various ways’ including creating some shots digitally, as well as in the studio.

Ashley told and other media: “We wanted to create a seamless sense of community.

“All the characters have different social backgrounds and the streets tell all those stories in the same place.

“This gave us a wonderful creative storytelling ability and we were able to show off the characters by the way we dressed the sets.”

Viewpoint began filming in August 2020, making it the first ITV drama to begin production after the UK came out of lockdown.

Speaking about the challenges the cast and crew faced, producer Clare Shepherd explained: “The main challenge was telling Harry (Bradbeer) Ed (Whitmore)’s brilliant story in a safe working environment for the cast and crew.

“We had to rethink lots of things, like the location size, supporting artists, and the intimate scenes.

“In the industry we excel at problem solving, and although it was extremely challenging, it was very satisfying and rewarding.”

Actress Bronagh Waugh - who plays DC Stella Beckett in the series - said she loved filming for Viewpoint as the ‘spying aspect brings something different’.

“The way it’s shot is just beautiful,” she said, adding: “And there’s some beautiful dome shots, IT shows Manchester off in such a beautiful light.”