What do you get for winning Masterchef?

15 April 2021, 08:00

What is the prize for Masterchef? Here's what we know...
What is the prize for Masterchef? Here's what we know... Picture: BBC

What is the prize for winning Masterchef 2021? Here's what we know...

Masterchef 2021 saw Tom Rhodes crowned champion of the BBC cookery competition.

After seeing off competition from Mike Tomkins and Alexina Anatole in the final, Nando’s manager Tom became the 17th winner.

Describing the moment as a ‘dream come true’, he said: “I entered last year because with lockdown it kind of really put into perspective and allowed me some time to think what I really wanted to do.

“Having been so interested in food for so many years and feeling ready to enter the competition, it felt like the right time, and now that I have won it I really can’t wait to see what’s next.”

Tom Rhodes is the Masterchef 2021 winner
Tom Rhodes is the Masterchef 2021 winner. Picture: BBC

But what does the winner of Masterchef get and what is the prize? Here’s what we know… 

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What do you get for winning Masterchef? 

The winner is awarded the coveted MasterChef trophy by judges John Torode and Gregg Wallace.

But while there is no cash prize or job promise at the end of it, the show has catapulted ameateur chefs into the limelight and given them huge opportunities 

Past finalists have opened their own restaurants, written cook books and become TV chefs on shows such as This Morning. 

The latest winner Tom has said he hopes to continue his career in the culinary world. 

“I entered the competition really wanting to write about food and to share my love of food with people,” he said, continuing: “But having also had the experience in the professional kitchens on the show, I certainly wouldn’t rule out having a restaurant now as well, but I think there’s a little bit more work that needs to be done before that dream is made a reality.

“Now that I have won the competition, I need to seize this opportunity and I’m really looking forward to what happens next.

“Having seen what past champions have done, it’s really exciting to think of the possibilities that are out there.”

Series 1 winner Thomasina Miers went on to become the co-founder of Wahaca chain of Mexican Restaurants, while 2018 Kenny Tutt is opening a new two-floor restaurant in Worthing expected to open in May.

Series 4’s James Nathan also opened his own restaurant called The Green Room restaurant in Cornwall, and 2012 champion Shelina Permalloo wrote her book Sunshine On A Plate and opened Lakaz Maman restaurant in Southampton.

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