What happened at the end of Baptiste season 1?

16 July 2021, 15:08

Baptiste season 1 aired back in 2019
Baptiste season 1 aired back in 2019. Picture: BBC

What happened in the final episode of Baptiste season 1 and why is Niels in prison?

*Warning! Spoilers for the sixth and final episode of Baptiste*

Baptiste is back with a brand new series this summer, and we are so excited.

Returning for season 2, Tchéky Karyo will be playing the retired police officer Julien Baptiste, but this time around he is headed to Hungary for a new case.

But as we sit down to get stuck into even more drama, let’s catch up on what happened at the end of season 1.

Baptiste was shot in season 1
Baptiste was shot in season 1. Picture: BBC

What happened at the end of Baptiste season 1?

Baptiste season 1 finished all the way back in 2019, with BBC bosses delivering one final surprise for viewers.

Julien met his long-lost son Niels Horchner (Boris Van Severen) who was working for the Romanian trafficking gang, the Brigada Serbilu, as an informant from inside the police force.

As the finale kicked off, Julien and Genevieve Taylor (Jessica Raine) tracked Niels down at a bar while they were searching for his mum Martha (Barbara Sarafian).

They were then targeted by the criminal gang and narrowly survived a dramatic car chase.

Baptiste season 1 had one final twist
Baptiste season 1 had one final twist. Picture: BBC

After visiting a local man Mr Visher, who had previously been caught looking at CCTV footage, Julian found Niels had made a suspicious phone call to dangerous criminal Constantine (Alec Secareanu).

After admitting his involvement in the gang, Niels then went on the run.

Meanwhile, Edward Stratton (Tom Hollander) - who viewers will remember was searching for his missing niece - was seen paying a visit to Kim Vogel’s boyfriend Greg (Trystan Gravelle).

Greg revealed the contents of the box Kim (Talisa Garcia) had left for him in storage before she died, including a list of phone numbers and co-ordinates.

She had kept these as insurance from the Brigada, after she previously worked as their top associate, Dragomir Zelincu.

Baptiste is back on BBC for season 2
Baptiste is back on BBC for season 2. Picture: BBC

Skipping forward two months, Edward and Julien met on the beach to talk about the coordinates they had been given by Greg.

The story was then told through a series of flashbacks which saw Julian lead police to uncover the Brigada sex trafficking underworld and take the women to safety.

Unfortunately, Natalie’s younger sister, Christina was sold for 750€ and therefore was never found.

In another flashback, Niels met up with his mum Martha so she could give him a passport, but it turned out she had set her son up.

When the police arrived, Niels pulled a gun on his mother and shot her dead, before shooting Julien in the arm.

He was then taken to prison, with viewers assuming he is still there as the second season begins.