Where is McDonald & Dodds season 2 filmed? Locations in Bath revealed

28 February 2021, 18:00

McDonald & Dodds was filmed in Bath
McDonald & Dodds was filmed in Bath. Picture: ITV

McDonald and Dodd filming locations: The ITV series was shot across picturesque Bath.

McDonalds & Dodds is back for a second series on ITV.

The crime drama follows the unlikely professional partnership of DCI Lauren McDonald and DS Dodds.

Tala Gouveia and Jason Watkins are returning as the crime duo who are set to investigate a whole new bunch of cases.

But where was McDonald & Dodds filmed and where is it set?

Where was McDonald & Dodds series 2 filmed?

McDonald & Dodds is once again set in the historic town of Bath, where DCI McDonald was transferred to from London.

McDonald & Dodds season two is airing on ITV
McDonald & Dodds season two is airing on ITV. Picture: ITV

The show is filmed in the city as well, with locations including the Royal Crescent which is a Georgian terrace of 30 Grade-I listed houses which overlook Royal Victoria Park.

Talking about filming in the city, producer Sarah Lewis told press ahead of the new season: “We kind of consider Bath as one of our characters.

“It’s so beautiful, it’s such a gorgeous city, people are so welcoming to us as well.

“As a city, it’s not massive, so we have already covered a lot of places but we did definitely explore the Royal Crescent in this first episode, a little bit more than we’d have been before.

McDonald & Dodds is also set in Bath
McDonald & Dodds is also set in Bath. Picture: ITV

“In episode two, we see a much younger cast and storyline so we see a different part of Bath that we haven’t really seen before.

“We see the Roman Baths we haven’t filmed there before, we were at Abbey Green which we did use last year but we’ve used different parts this year.”

Jason Watkins - who plays DC Dodds - also called the city 'an interesting place,' previously saying: “It obviously has a real architectural flavour and a lot of old money, many very successful people and a mix of types.

"But there is an underbelly as well. It’s a wonderful backdrop and a world that is great to plunder and visit again and again.”