The three lockdown changes in Wales from Monday

8 May 2020, 17:07 | Updated: 8 May 2020, 17:12

Wales Lockdown changes
Wales Lockdown changes. Picture: Global

The First Minister of Wales has confirmed that the lockdown is being extended for a further three weeks, whilst making some changes.

Speaking at a news conference in Cardiff on Thursday Mark Drakeford said the "stay at home" regulations remain in place and we must work from home if we can, only travel if necessary and to observe two-metre social distancing at all times.

He added that there are "small and modest" adjustments possible which will come into place on Monday:

1. Exercise will be permitted more than once a day

However, this exercise should "start and end at home", with the First Minister adding that this should not involve driving somewhere away from home to take exercise.

2. Garden Centres will be allowed to reopen

As with all businesses currently allowed to open, they must observe two-metre social distancing rules

3. Local Authorities in Wales will be allowed to begin planning on how to safely open libraries and municipal recycling

In response to the announcement on libraries and recycling centres, the Welsh Local Government Association said this "does not mean that local services will be reinstated at the flick of a switch", whilst welcoming "the very cautious approach outlined by the First Minister".

With these new rules we were reminded that these rules do not apply to the 120,000 people currently being "shielded" on medical advice of Wales' Chief Medical Officer Dr. Frank Atherton, who should remain at home at all times.

Jogger in Cardiff
Jogger in Cardiff. Picture: Getty

The Prime Minister Boris Johnson is due to make an address on Sunday evening, but the Welsh Government say any announcements he makes will be for England only.

The Welsh Government is responsible for the lockdown in Wales and a Downing Street spokesperson said that as we begin to move out of lockdown, some nations in the UK may "begin to move at slightly different speeds".

The First Minister's latest announcement follows a confirmation from Wales' Education Minister Kirsty Williams that schools will not reopen in June.