Mums To Be Wanted For New Study

28 January 2019, 12:32

pregnant women

Researchers at the University of Sussex are looking for mums who are pregnant with their second baby to take part in a new study on sibling relationships.


They want to look the changes families face when a new sibling joins a family and how bonds form with the new brother or sister.

Professor Alison Pike, who's leading the study, says: "I have been fascinated by how and why children growing up in the same family often turn out so differently to one another.

"This project enables us to see the very beginnings of this process of siblings developing into individuals. This family transition also marks the start of a brand-new sibling relationship. 

"Our bonds with brothers and sisters are often the longest-lasting of our lives, are emotionally intense, and can be a huge influence during childhood and beyond. We are eager to see this emerging relationship, and gain information about how families can promote the best possible start for siblings."

Families are eligible if their first-born will be between 24 and 42 months on the date when their second child is due to be born. 

The study involves a home visit lasting 90-120 minutes. The researchers will play games with the mother and child, complete questionnaires, conduct a short interview and a computer task. 

As a token of thanks, the children will receive a small gift and certificate of participation.

Those interested in taking part in the study, called "3 to 4" - denoting the expanding size of the family - are invited to e-mail or phone 01273 877288 with their name, first born date of birth, due date of the second born, and how they'd prefer to be contacted.