This 12-month 'decluttering calendar' will make 2022 the year you get organised

29 December 2021, 09:47

Do you feel overwhelmed by mess and clutter?
Do you feel overwhelmed by mess and clutter? Picture: Alamy

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Whether it's a cupboard full of junk or a whole house, loft, garage and shed, you can tackle and beat the clutter once and for all!

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Was 2021 the year that you FINALLY decluttered and got organised?

If not, don’t fret, a new year filled with new opportunities to sort, donate bin and sell is just hours away - but doing it properly could take you a while.

Studies have shown that clutter can be really stifling, and can even have a negative effect on our mental health so having a clear out is only ever a good thing.

It’s believed that having a clutter-free environment improves focus, helps you sleep better and can reduce anxiety as you feel like you have more of a sense of control over your home.

If you are trying to get on top of mess that from across your whole house, then experts claim it’s imperative to tackle one room at a time, and to work through it.

Doing it all at once might mean you run out of steam before you even begin! When you get to the sorting stage, make four separate piles or areas.

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A car boot sale is a brilliant way to get rid of loads of household items you no longer want
A car boot sale is a brilliant way to get rid of loads of household items you no longer want. Picture: Alamy

These should be things that you will keep; things that will be thrown away or recycled; what you’ll try to sell on eBay, Facebook marketplace or at a car boot sale; and what you’ll donate to friends or charity.

The hardest part of decluttering is getting rid of stuff, and the experts at RAJA say that the key word here is “brutal”.

If you haven’t used it within the last six months and you can’t envision using it in the next six either, it’s time to get rid.

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As overhauling your living space and introducing new, tidier and more streamlined, habits are a marathon not a sprint, why not try to chip away at your decluttering mission over the next year?

Let this month-by-month breakdown inspire you to get started…

You need to categorise your stuff in to what you will keep and what will go
You need to categorise your stuff in to what you will keep and what will go. Picture: Alamy


  • Take down Christmas decorations and pack them into boxes to be stored away neatly.
  • Recycle unwanted boxes and Christmas cards.
  • Return or donate any unwanted Christmas gifts


  • Reorganise your kitchen and chuck away any out of date food.
  • Tackle the junk drawer. Recycle old takeaway menus, find proper storage for receipts and manage other miscellaneous items.  
  • Take an inventory of your small appliances and cooking utensils and get rid of items that you no longer need.  


  • Clear out your bathroom including your medicine cabinet. Check to see if medicines are still in date and dispose of items that have expired. Store them by medicine type, such as liquids, pills and emergency first aid.  


  • Clear out your vanity drawer by assessing if creams, make-up and bath products are still okay to use.  


  • Go through your closet and cut your winter wardrobe down. Pick out anything you didn’t use and donate or sell them.  
  • If you have children, do the same for them. See what clothes fit them (and will still fit in the next six months). 


  • Go through your storage space such as a garage, shed or attic. Sort your space into specific zones, one for household tools, sports equipment, seasonal decorations and garden supplies.  


  • Craft items such as paints, pens and other bits can create clutter quickly. Store various craft items in storage boxes. 
  • Sort out all of your books, boardgames and DVDs in your living room or games room.   


  • During the summer holidays, cull your linen cupboard. Recycle thread-bare towels, sheets, blankets and linens or donate them to your local animal shelter.  


  • Take time to organise your home office space. Invest in some desk organisers, such as pen pots and filing systems for documents that you have to keep.  
  • Cable organisers are an easy way to ensure that your desk looks tidy.  


  • You’ll want to repeat the process you did in April with winter clothes. Look at the items you didn’t use and sell, donate or repurpose them.  
  • Store away your sandals, flip-flops and other summer shoes. Get rid of the ones you won’t use next year.  


  • Go through the decorations that you packed away in January. Donate or sell what you won’t use. 
  • Make sure you’re up to date with what is in the kitchen cabinets since you organised it in February.  


  • Enjoy all the festivities in a clutter-free house! 

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