First look at new £3.5 billion London Resort theme park set to be 'the Disneyland of the UK'

6 December 2019, 14:07 | Updated: 6 December 2019, 14:10

The plans for Disneyland UK have been revealed
The plans for Disneyland UK have been revealed. Picture: The London Resort
Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

New pictures show plans for a UK theme park which is set to open in Kent.

If you thought Disney World was amazing, a new British Theme Park could be set to blow it out of the water.

The London Resort has now revealed a first look at the £3.5 billion site which will be the size of 136 Wembley Stadiums.

While the park has been referred to as the UK's answer to Disneyland, it actually has no affiliation with Disney and has been created by BBC, ITV Studios and Paramount Pictures.

In the concept art, the park can be seen split into seven "islands" which each have their own dedicated theme - High Street, Starport, The Jungle, The Isles, The Kingdom, The Woods and The Studio.

Photos of The London Resort have been released
Photos of The London Resort have been released. Picture: The London Resort Twitter
Paramount Pictures is teaming up with BBC and ITV
Paramount Pictures is teaming up with BBC and ITV. Picture: The London Resort Twitter

When guests enter the park, they’ll walk through a grand plaza that leads to a High Street complete with shops, restaurants, hotels, a convention centre and a waterpark.

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Next up, the Studios will be built into a modern-day warehouse district which promises “big, blockbuster features” with “explosive action, high-octane car chases and high-stakes espionage.”

Visitors will find an enchanted forest in The Woods, where fairytales come to life and you can step through the pages of a storybook.

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The Isles is an area which is full of giant creatures and mythical beasts, along with “jaw dropping architecture”, while The Kingdom promises “a dark and ancient land, a place of threatening and imposing castles and mystical Arthurian legends.”

The park is split into six lands
The park is split into six lands. Picture: The London Resort/ Twitter

Lastly, The Jungle will be designed into ancient ruins, while sci-fi fans will want to visit The Starport which is dedicated to futuristic experiences, alien encounters and exciting rides.

Unfortunately, it’s a few years until thrill-seekers will be able to experience The London Resort, as the first opening will be in 2024, while the second part is expected in 2029.

It’s located at Swanscombe Peninsula - between Gravesend and Dartford - which is approximately a 17-minute train journey from London's King Cross St Pancras.

It’s also partnered with EDF Energy to work towards a Net Zero emissions goal, which would make it the world's most sustainable theme park destination in the world.

The London Resort said: “The project will be one of the largest construction projects across Europe. 30,000 people and a multi-billion pound investment will transform seven million square meters of land, on the banks of the Thames, into one of the largest, immersive experience centres in the world.”

It adds: “It’s the rides and the experiences which will take The London Resort to another level.

“Brands from across literature, television, music, film and entertainment, are being hand-picked to create unique experiences never previously imagined.”