You can now buy a giant 7ft dinosaur sprinkler for the heatwave

7 August 2020, 15:27 | Updated: 10 August 2020, 15:28

Fancy a massive dinosaur sprinkler? Read on...
Fancy a massive dinosaur sprinkler? Read on... Picture: Asda
Polly Foreman

By Polly Foreman

Asda are selling a dinosaur sprinkler that's just perfect for your garden during this weather.

Many of us have been spending huge amounts of time in our gardens over lockdown - and, if you're starting to get bored of the same old boring paddling pool, we have very good news...

Asda are selling a 7ft dinosaur sprinkler that couldn't be more perfect for keeping your kids (or you...) entertained during the heatwave - and it's an absolute bargain at £25.

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The dinosaur is recommended for children over the age of three, and all you'll need to do to get it spraying water out of its nose is attach a normal garden hose.

The dinosaur is just perfect for the heatwave
The dinosaur is just perfect for the heatwave. Picture: Asda

It comes complete with a repair patch, meaning it's easily fixed if your kids accidentally cause any damage.

Unfortunately, the dinosaur is completely sold out online - so you'll have to head to your local store for a chance to snap one up.

The product description reads: "Standing 7-foot tall, it features a fun water sprayer, water-filled bases and easily connects to a garden hose for endless hours of fun."

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The item has been reduced from £40 to £25, meaning there's a change it could be sold out at many locations - so you may want to consider getting in contact with your store to check its availability.

You can find your nearest Asda store here.

The dinosaur was first spotted on Facebook group Money Saver Online, with one of its members writing: "Kids will love having fun in the garden with this GIANT dino sprinkler, which we spotted reduced in the garden sale at Asda."

The post racked up a number of comments from excited parents, with one writing: "Do you think this will be too big for our garden?"

The dinosaur was spotted in Facebook group Money Saver Online
The dinosaur was spotted in Facebook group Money Saver Online. Picture: Money Saver Online (Facebook)

Another added: "So cool."

One review of the product states: "Bargain and great enjoyment for my children. This will definitely get its money's worth!"

And another adds: "It arrived quickly and easy to set up – although came with no instructions so took a few minutes to figure out where to blow up and where the hose should go."


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