We've all been changing our duvets wrong, as experts reveal we should roll them up

1 July 2020, 15:43

There's a new sheet-changing method in town
There's a new sheet-changing method in town. Picture: Getty

Who would've thought that rolling up your duvet would slice your bedding changing time into a fraction of what it used to be?

Changing your bedding is such a stress sometimes that you could swear that it's practically a HIIT workout, but it's so satisfying when it's done.

Many of us find ourselves spending way too long getting stressed over whether the corners are even, tugging the sheets tightly into corners and making sure the buttons on that duvet cover are even.

Changing your duvet should be a breeze
Changing your duvet should be a breeze. Picture: Getty

If you find you're spending way more time than is necessary getting stressed over this, experts have new revealed that there's a way simpler way to get things done.

The experts at Yorkshire Linens have shared their ‘roll and stuff’ method - which promises to get the duvet in the cover in under 60 seconds. 

They coined the move back in 2013, and it’s been saving mums and homeowners time ever since.

It’s simple to understand and is essentially exactly how it sounds - you roll up the duvet before unrolling it again it inside the cover. 

The new method might stop you from getting frustrated
The new method might stop you from getting frustrated. Picture: Getty

To give it a go, start by laying your empty duvet cover flat on your bed, before popping your duvet on top and roll it up towards you until you have a cylinder. 

Then you need to put it inside the mouth of the opening, and it’s usually easiest to do one side at a time. 

Once it’s inside take the two corners nearest you and put them into the respective corners of the duvet.

Then you need to grab each corner - with the duvet inside - and shake it, which will cause the duvet to unfurl inside the case. 

Try the method out and see how you get on!
Try the method out and see how you get on! Picture: Getty

You may need to adjust it slightly to ensure each edge goes snugly into its corner, then simply do the buttons up and you’re done.

The whole process shouldn't take you longer than a minute, and once you've mastered it changing all the bedding will be an absolute breeze.