Woman claims miracle 'glory oil' CLEARED her acne scars in just FOUR MONTHS

3 June 2019, 11:59

The woman claims the oil cleared up her scarring in a matter of months
The woman claims the oil cleared up her scarring in a matter of months. Picture: Instagram/Eco by Sonya

The Australian woman had been searching for an acne scar remedy for years before stumbling upon the simple facial oil

A woman from Queensland, Australia, has praised a skin oil for 'curing' her acne and facial scarring.

Georgie Stevenson, 25, had struggled with scarring after two bouts of adult acne - and even used pricey and painful skin treatments in an attempt to rid herself of it.

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However, she claims the 'Glory Oil', sold by Australian brand Eco by Sonya Driver, got rid of the scars in just four months after her second bout of acne.

She told her Instagram followers: "Luckily for me the second lot didn't last too long, but I was left with scars AGAIN.

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Let's talk acne scars ⚡️ If you are an OG follower you would know I have been through it all... I've had adult acne, it cleared up, then I was left with scars, then I healed those scars, then I got acne again (if you get adult acne you would know how upsetting this cycle is) 😭 My last outbreak was in December but lucky for me it didn't last too long but I was AGAIN left with scars 😞 Last time I had really bad pitted scars and got in-clinic skin treatments done (skin needling & peels) to heal them but wanted to try something less invasive this time. I started using @ecobysonya glory oil in January which is treatment oil that reduces the appearance of scars and fine lines and restores your skin to its true glory (I needed dat) 🙌🏼✨ I've used & loved alot of the other eco tan products before so I thought why not try it! Above is my 4 months progress using it day and night 🙋🏼‍♀️ I am so impressed with the results! 👏🏼 My scars & pigmentation have faded so much and my skin is feeling so good! 🥰 this oil is certified organic & completely natural 🌱 Could not recommend enough if you have acne scarring! . PS check out my stories for full B&A photos of my acne to this X

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"I wanted to try something less invasive to heal them this time.

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"I have been using the oil for four months day and night, and I am so impressed with the results," she added. "My scars and pigmentation have faded so much."

The oil retails at £39.95 and can be bought online. CLICK TO BUY.

The 'Glory Oil' has received a number of five star reviews
The 'Glory Oil' has received a number of five star reviews. Picture: Eco by Sonya

The product has also been praised by mum Kerry Caruana, who used the oil on her two-year-old daughter's eczema.

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"Eden had patches on her chest, back and face and her face gets pretty bad. One day her face was so bad that it looked like sunburn," she told Femail.

"It was extremely red, hot and so sore for her and she kept pointing to her face and saying "owie" - it was so hard seeing her in pain like that and pointing at it while crying."

She claimed that the morning after trying Glory Oil, "there was only a small pale area of eczema left.

"The Glory Oil keeps her eczema at bay for days, and I put it on her three times a week."

Always consult your doctor if you have skin concerns.