‘My best friend banned me from her wedding after I missed the hen do to be with my baby’

17 August 2021, 07:53

A woman was uninvited from her friend's wedding
A woman was uninvited from her friend's wedding. Picture: Alamy/Getty Images

A bridesmaid has revealed she was forced to miss the hen do to look after her child.

A single mum was kicked out of her best friend’s wedding after she missed the hen do to look after her baby.

The 26-year-old bridesmaid, who has a 16-month-old, was forced to miss her friend Jen’s bachelorette party at the last minute as she couldn’t leave her child overnight.

But after explaining to the bride why she could no longer make the whole weekend celebrations, she was swiftly taken off the wedding guest list.

A woman has been kicked out of her friend's wedding party
A woman has been kicked out of her friend's wedding party. Picture: Alamy

Taking to Reddit, the anonymous woman said: "Originally the plan was to have a sleepover at another bridesmaid's house nearby, so I said I could come over for a bit, but not stay the night, because I can't be away from my baby yet overnight.

"The plan then turned into a weekend a few hours away at a home owned by a different bridesmaid's family member.

"It sounds amazing, but I had to bow out.”

When the woman then reached out to her friend - who she has known for 20 years - to find out the wedding itinerary, she was told she was no longer invited.

“Her husband texted me to let me know that Jen is mad at me about the bachelorette party and doesn’t want me at the wedding anymore because she thinks I don’t care about her,” she wrote, adding: “I’m absolutely heartbroken.”

After the woman reached out for advice on how to mend her friendship, the post received lots of comments.

One Reddit user wrote: “I'm not sure why you'd want to salvage a relationship with this woman. I'd cut my losses and cut her out of my life.”

Another agreed: “You shouldn't have to fix anything. If she was really your friend for that long, she wouldn't be doing that.

“I don't understand these entitled people. You did nothing wrong and deserve better friends.”

While a third added: “Even if she didn’t have a child to worry about, saying no to going to a bachelorette party shouldn’t be friendship-ending.

“Not everyone has the time/money/mental capacity to go out hours away right now.”

While someone else said: "Kind of get the vibe that we're not getting the full story."