Bride tells groom she'll cancel the wedding if he doesn't shave his beard for the big day

28 June 2021, 10:59

The bride shared her story to Reddit (stock images)
The bride shared her story to Reddit (stock images). Picture: Getty

A bride has divided opinion after claiming that she'll call off her wedding if her fiancé doesn't shave his beard.

A woman has asked the internet for advice after telling her husband-to-be that he needed to get rid of his beard for their wedding.

Sharing her story to Reddit, the woman revealed that she threatened to cancel the big day if he didn't agree to do so, and that the pair had now fallen out.

As reported by The Sun, she revealed that her fiancé, who she has been with for three years, grew the beard during lockdown. The bride added that she hadn't minded the beard, until she realised he planned to keep it for the wedding...

The bride said she'd cancel the wedding if he didn't shave his beard (stock image)
The bride said she'd cancel the wedding if he didn't shave his beard (stock image). Picture: Getty

The bride wrote: "I jokingly brought up his beard and our wedding the other day. I said 'you ready to have a clean face for our wedding?' He looked at me and was silent for a few seconds.

"He finally said 'Um I was going to leave my beard for the wedding'. I gave him a pretty gross look and said 'No you are not. That is not acceptable. I will not have that.'

"He got mad that I was telling him what to do and said that I can't tell him what to do with his grooming preferences. I said that I have the right to since it is my wedding and I am marrying him.

"I said that I would cancel our wedding if he doesn't shave. He didn't budge. He ended up getting really mad by that comment and left shortly after."

She added: "Just to clarify, I don't hate his beard, it's fine. I think at times that it can be attractive.

"I just don't really like the idea of him not being clean shaven on our wedding day. I feel as though the pictures will not be as classy and nice."

The bride revealed that she hadn't spoken to her fiancé since the incident, and that she'd had a mixed response from friends - with some agreeing with her, and others with her husband-to-be.

Many Reddit users sided with the husband-to-be (stock image)
Many Reddit users sided with the husband-to-be (stock image). Picture: Getty

She asked Reddit users if they thought she was in the wrong, and many commented that they thought she was.

One person wrote: "It's his wedding too you know. You don't stand there on your own. If you don't think your photos will be classy enough with his beard, then why are you marrying him? Yes, you are the [a******]."

Another added: "He is the guy you said yes to-beard and all. How would you feel if he said he won't marry you unless you lose 20 pounds before the wedding?!"

A third wrote: "Outrageous! If this is what your conflict resolution looks like in general, then he should run away from you as fast as he can. This marriage will not last."

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