Bride uninvites guests after they refuse to fork out £11k for her wedding

7 July 2021, 10:53

The bride uninvited guests after they refused to pay (stock images)
The bride uninvited guests after they refused to pay (stock images). Picture: Getty

The bride even uninvited her brother when he refused to pay to attend her wedding...

A bride has caused a stir after demanding that her guests fork out £11k to cover the cost of her wedding - and uninvited her own brother when he refused to hand over the money.

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According to a post made on Reddit, as reported by The Sun, the bride also uninvited her grandmother and a few aunts for not contributing.

The post claims that the bride forgot to pay some of the vendors for their services, and asked her brother for the $US15k (£11,000) to pay them.

According to the post, the bride: "calls her brother two days before her wedding.

The story caused quite a stir on Reddit... (stock image)
The story caused quite a stir on Reddit... (stock image). Picture: Getty

"Says to him 'I put deposits down for the hall, the photographer, the caterer, the flowers and the DJ. But I didn't know I had to pay in full on my wedding day, I thought I could pay later."

She then asked her brother: "Do you have $15,000 (£11,000) I could borrow?"

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After the brother refused, he received a call from one of the bridesmaids saying the wedding was cancelled.

However, he then supposedly learnt that the wedding had gone on without him, and that he was uninvited.

The post adds that the bride asked other family members for money, and that they, too, were uninvited after saying no.

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"She had a very small wedding with a good sized party afterwards. Her own brother, grandmother and a few aunts were all uninvited. Ten years later she still complains they weren't there for her 'special day'."

Reddit users were shocked by the post, with one writing: "Wow! Just wow! At a loss for words!"

Another added: "My brother got married and didn't tell ANYONE for four years. It can be done."


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