Bride considers uninviting own sister from wedding as she can't afford expensive gift

22 October 2020, 08:34

The bride has been slammed on social media (stock images)
The bride has been slammed on social media (stock images). Picture: Getty

A bride has been slammed on Reddit after revealing she didn't want her sister to attend because she couldn't buy her an expensive present.

If you thought the bride who demanded her guests gift her £23,000 for her wedding and honeymoon was bad, the following story will shock you...

One woman has been slammed on social media for revealing that she wants to uninvited her own sister to her wedding - because she can't afford an expensive gift.

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A screenshot of a Facebook post asking for advice on what to do about her sister, who ended up in tears over the pricey gift suggestions, has been shared on Reddit.

The bride took to Facebook to ask for advice (stock image)
The bride took to Facebook to ask for advice (stock image). Picture: Getty

In the post, reportedly shared to group That's It, I'm Wedding Shaming, she asks whether she should accept cash, less expensive gifts, or simply 'disinvite' her sister.

She wrote: "I'm getting married next year, and I just sent my gift registry to all of the 'confirmed' guests.

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"Should I: Put some cheap things that I don't really need on my gift registry to make sure people who can't afford it don't feel bad; put a note on the gift registry to say that cash gifts are also acceptable; disinvite my sister from my wedding."

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It isn't clear whether the bride was joking in the post, but social media users still took to the comment section to fume at the bride.

One wrote: "A wedding isn't about gifts. I hate people like this"

Another added: "If you're that greedy over gifts, maybe tell people before you invite them so they don't feel bad about ditching your wedding." 


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