Bride branded ‘disgraceful’ after making her cousin pay £350 for dress she didn't choose

27 July 2020, 10:11 | Updated: 27 July 2020, 10:16

A bride-to-be has been blasted for asking her cousin to pay £350 for a dress
A bride-to-be has been blasted for asking her cousin to pay £350 for a dress. Picture: Getty Images
Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

A woman has hit out at a bride-to-be for making her pay £350 for a bridesmaid dress.

A woman has blasted her cousin after she asked her to buy a £350 dress to wear to her wedding.

Taking to Mumsnet, the anonymous bridesmaid said it was ‘outrageous’ that the bride-to-be had insisted they wear such an expensive gown on the big day.

Explaining what happened, the woman said she and her sister had been asked to be bridesmaids by their cousin who they 'used to be very close to.'

However, despite not being 'short of money,' she revealed she was furious about being asked to pay for the pricey garment, and ‘would never ask that of someone’.

An anonymous Mumsnet user shared a message
An anonymous Mumsnet user shared a message. Picture: Mumsnet

She said: "Me and my sister have been asked to be bridesmaids to our cousin we used to be very close to.

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"We aren’t short of money but the dresses she has chosen for us to wear and asked us to pay for ourselves are £350 each.

"I wouldn’t say no and look cheap but if it was my wedding I’d never ask this of someone.”

She then went on to ask whether she should ‘just go with it’ or whether her cousin was being a ‘control freak’. And users were quick to share their opinions, with many agreeing that £350 is far too much to pay for a dress.

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One wrote: “That's pretty steep for a dress! I don't think it particularly matters if you're well off or not. The B&G should be paying for dresses and suits, I don't know where this trend of making the wedding party pay for their own outfits comes from.

Another fumed: "They should pay either way but to chose such an expensive dress and then ask you to pay is absolutely disgraceful."

While a third agreed: “£350 out of your own pocket to wear a dress I'm guessing isn't your cup of tea. And will only wear once? You are not being unreasonable.

“If you're paying for the dress the only thing the bride can request is the colour - like blue, green, red; not even the shade. Even that is pushing it.”

And a fourth added: "Bridesmaids should NOT pay for the dresses ! Crass and vulgar to ask them to."

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