You can now buy 'consent condoms' that can only be opened by two people

5 April 2019, 12:38 | Updated: 5 April 2019, 12:49

The 'consent condoms' are currently available in Argentina
The 'consent condoms' are currently available in Argentina. Picture: Tulipan

An Argentinian company have released the condoms, that require four hands to open, in a bid to ensure sex is consensual

You can now buy 'consent condoms' that require four hands simultaneously placed on 'pressure points' on the packaging to open.

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The condoms, released by Argentinian contraceptive firm Tulipan, were developed to ensure consent in sex - though it is unclear just how successful they will be.

They are currently available in Argentina, with the company planning to give them away for free in bars and events in Buenos Aires.

Joaquin Campins, the general director of the BBDO agency, which cooperated with the company to make the condoms, said in a statement: "If it's not a yes, it's a no.

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"Tulipan has always spoken of safe pleasure but for this campaign we understood that we had to talk about the most important thing in every sexual relationship - pleasure is possible only if you both give your consent first.”

The condoms were developed after a survey revealed that only 14.5 per cent of Argentinian men regularly use condoms during sex.

It is hoped that the condoms will encourage consent in sex
It is hoped that the condoms will encourage consent in sex. Picture: Tulipan

Around 65 per cent said they'd never used them, and a worrying 20.5 per cent had never used them.

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Psychiatrist and sexologist Walter Ghedin said, according to The Sun: "The agreement in sexual relations should be a guideline that begins before, during and after any relationship, it implies respect, mutual pleasure and confidentiality.

"The use of contraceptive methods is one of the issues that should be agreed upon, and the use of the prophylactic appears as a necessary question in both fleeting and stable relationships."

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