Dad tells son they're going to Disneyland but takes him to Poundland instead in 'cruel' April Fools prank

3 April 2019, 15:43

The dad posted about the prank on Twitter
The dad posted about the prank on Twitter. Picture: Twitter/Joe Heenan

The Glaswegian dad posted photos of the prank on his Twitter page

In probably the most savage April Fools prank of the decade, a dad from Scotland fooled his son into thinking he was taking him to Disneyland, but took him to Poundland instead.

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Joe Heenan, who hails from Glasgow, told his son that they were going somewhere with 'land' in the name, and allowed him to think they were jetting off to Paris. But they just went to the airport Poundland instead.

Not satisfied with crushing his son's hopes, dreams and providing what we assume has been the biggest let-down of his life, the man also posted photos of the boy looking sad and disgruntled, suitcase in hand, next to a Poundland shop.

He wrote alongside the pic: "I told him we were going on holiday to a place ending with land. He was like 'Oh my god! Is it Disneyland?' He was so excited. Hahahahaha! #AprilFools".

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Twitter users were quick to voice their approval / shock / in-some-cases-disgust of the prank, with one writing: "Cruel dad".

Another added: “Ohh, look at his disappointed little face! You’re so mean!”

Many insisted that the man should take him to Disneyland as an apology for the joke, with one writing: Well ya going to have to take him to Disneyl;and now. Ya can’t pull something like that and not have a backup card”.

A second wrote: “Some things are sacred. You do not joke about Disneyland. Poor kiddo.”


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