What does YOUR email signature say about you? This hilarious chart reveals all

12 August 2019, 17:07

What does your email signature say about you? (stock image)
What does your email signature say about you? (stock image). Picture: Getty

A student has created a hilarious chart revealing what people really mean by their work email signatures

We may not give them a second thought, but it turns out our email signatures are actually *pretty* telling of how much ill-feeling we wrote the message with.

Whether you go for the passive aggressive 'regards', or the sort-of-friendly 'best wishes' - chosen email signatures can tell a lot about a person.

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With that in mind, one student decided to make a chart detailing what each sign-off means - and the results are hilarious.

Taking to Twitter, Julia Burnham wrote: "I woke up in a cold swear last night to create this content. I present: the Email Sign-off Alignment".

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Her results are as follows:

'Warmly,' - lawful good

'Best,' - neutral good

'Cheers,' - chaotic good

'Thanks,' - lawful neutral

'Sincerely,' - true neutral

'Sent from my iPhone' - chaotic neutral

'Regards,' - lawful evil

No sign-off - neutral evil

'Ciao' - chaotic evil

Fans were quick to offer their own take on Julia's chart, with one writing: "I disklike cheers but can deal with it. Ciao, however, is like “what the hell are you doing?” border-line offensive, though."

Another added: "My sign-off is “take care” and wondering if it being off the chart completely is a major issue."

And a third wrote: "I vacillate between "cheers" and "regards." Seems I have two polar extremes in my personality."