Mum splurges on matching LIP FILLERS for herself and daughter as 21st birthday present

8 August 2019, 14:28

Mum, 45, buys herself and daughter matching lip fillers for "princess" Mariah&squot;s 21st birthday.
Mum, 45, buys herself and daughter matching lip fillers for "princess" Mariah's 21st birthday. Picture: Instagram / TLC

Sandra surprises "princess" Mariah with the lip-plumping procedure and says she hopes it will make them look more alike

A mother has surprised her daughter with lip fillers for her 21st birthday and also went under the knife alongside her to mark the big celebration.

Sandra, 45, splashed out on matching plumped-up pouts for herself and birthday girl Mariah, explaining to viewers she wanted to "look just like" the 21-year-old.

The glamour-obsessed pair hit the plastic surgeon's clinic in this week's episode of TLC’s sMothered, which showed both women going through the cosmetic procedure one after the other.

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In the shocking clip, daughter Mariah admitted she didn't "need lip injections” but wanted to have “more of a pout".

She was delighted when her mum dropped the lip filler bombshell in a taxi and whisked her straight off to a specialist for a series of painful injections.

“Are you ready for your surprise?” asks Sandra.

“Remember how you’ve been wanting to get your lip injections…?”

As news of the procedure sunk in on Sandra's daughter, Mariah's Auntie Jen was horrified to hear the family duo were going through with it side-by-side.

She said: “I have a really close relationship with my daughters, but Sandra and Mariah take it to a whole new level. Kill me now! I think this is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life!”

But the mother-daughter duo took no notice of her comments and skipped into Dr Mirkia’s surgery full of excitement.

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When Sandra explained she wanted to model her looks on her daughter, the cosmetic doctor said: "The majority of people get like a picture of a celebrity and they would say they want to look like this person."

The episode showed both women wincing in pain as the cosmetic doctor filled their lips with the pluming solution, much to Jen's dismay.

She told Mariah: “I could punch you in the mouth and that would do the same thing, wouldn’t it?”

Following the deed, the birthday girl was shocked to see the stark difference in fullness and admitted she might have gone a little overboard.

“Oh s***! It’s a little extra!

“It’s super swollen, I cannot even talk,” she stumbled.

Her mum had a different reaction though and claimed her decision was the right one all along.

"I’m the greatest mother! It was an exciting experience to be able to do this with my daughter.

"Jen will have to get over it," said Sandra.