Money saving expert Martin Lewis reveals shops aren’t legally obliged to accept returns on clothes because they don’t fit or suit you

11 January 2019, 17:16

Martin Lewis reveals legal rights when returning clothing
Martin Lewis revealed the legal rights when returning clothing. Picture: ITV/Getty
Alice Dear

By Alice Dear

Martin Lewis, money saving expert, has revealed consumer’s legal rights when it comes to returning clothing, and people are shocked at the truth.

Martin Lewis returned to This Morning this week to speak to ITV hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield about consumer’s rights to return clothing.

The money saving expert laid down the facts to the millions of viewers, revealing the legal rights consumers have as people rush to return unwanted Christmas gifts this January.

One of the most shocking revelations from the This Morning segment was when Martin revealed that shops are not legally obliged to accept returns on clothing because you’ve realised they don’t fit, or because you’ve simply changed your mind.

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Woman shopping
You only have a legal right to return clothing if it is faulty . Picture: Getty

Speaking to This Morning’s presenting duo, Martin said: “The big one that everyone gets wrong is that you do not have the right to return store bought goods because you don’t want them, because you’ve changed your mind, that is not a legal right.”

He explained you only have a right to return products if they are faulty.

However, a lot of stores do have returns policy, in which they publish a policy that explains what customers need to do in order for goods to be taken back.

“If they do have a published policy then that is part of your contract and you can enforce it”, he explained.

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It is the store that decides what returns policy they want to enforce as customers don’t have any legal rights – unless the item is faulty.

This, of course, does not apply when shopping online.

Martin explained: “If you buy goods online then you do have a legal right to change your mind with two exceptions; perishable goods or personalised goods.”

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