Furious shoppers claim PrettyLittleThing and Topman 'rip out labels from cheaper brands'

26 March 2019, 13:41 | Updated: 26 March 2019, 17:01

Topshop Label Asset
Topman . Picture: Twitter

A pair of PrettyLittleThing tracksuit bottoms appear to show what used to be a Fruit of the Loom label, a cheaper brand.

Furious shoppers have accused PrettyLittleThing and Topman of "ripping out" labels from cheaper brands and selling them for a higher price with their own labels stitched in.

Both retailers have been approached by Heart Online for comment.

One Twitter user KT posted a photo of a pair of PrettyLittleThing tracksuit bottoms which appear to show what used to be a Fruit of the Loom label, a cheaper brand.

She captioned the snap: “So @OfficialPLT are selling £6-£12 fruit of the loom joggers, cutting the labels out and charging £20 for products they haven’t even manufactured themselves??”

PLT joggers
PLT joggers. Picture: Twitter
Topman labels
Topman labels. Picture: Topman

The post prompted a series of replies from a number of users who had the same experiences, with one pointing towards Topman.

Alex Hughes unpicked the label of his Topman joggers and wrote: “@Topman do it too!”

Byrony Flaherty tweeted: 'Same on my joggers, you can see where the old label is cut off and where they've stitched their label over the top *how bad, not gonna be shopping on pretty little thing anymore!"

The original poster KT later added: "And to people replying saying “it’s business” or “most brands do this,” YES but usually they’ll add their own logos or designs. 'Whereas PLT here have not only done a sloppy job removing the original labels but also not altered the product in any way to justify the > 100% profits made!"

Fruit Of The Loom is a leading garment manufacturer that sells plain T-shirts, jumpers and sweatpants at prices typically under £10.

Factories are known to supply more than one big retailer so it's possible the label replacement took place then.