Happy Father's Day 2021! Here's why and how it's celebrated in the UK

14 June 2021, 10:53 | Updated: 20 June 2021, 13:07

Here's everything you need to know about Father's Day 2021
Here's everything you need to know about Father's Day 2021. Picture: Getty

Father's Day is an annual celebration, honouring paternal bonds.

While early on one of the main goals was to boost revenue sales for local businesses, the annual festivities have become much more symbolic over time.

The date is largely observed around the world, with people presenting their fathers or father figures with gifts, cards and thoughtful gestures to show how much they care.

Here, we take a look at when Father's Day is this year - plus the history behind the auspicious occasion.

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When is Father's Day this year?

Father's Day is TODAY (Sunday, June 20).

Is it always on the same date?

Although it would definitely make things a lot easier if it was, Father's Day is actually never on the same date.

That said, it's always marked in the UK on the third Sunday in June.

Why do we celebrate Father's Day?

This may come as a surprise to some, but Father's Day was actually created by a woman in 1909.

Sonora Smart Dodd sought to establish an official equivalent to Mother's Day, celebrating male parents.

After garnering support from local businesses in Washington, the state celebrated the first ever Father's Day a year later, on June 19, 1910.

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Despite calls to merge the two dates into a singular Parents' Day, retailers revived the holidays during the Great Depression to help boost sales during financial difficulty.

During World War II, the date was used as a way of supporting troops, risking their lives for their nation.

On May 1, 1972, President Richard Nixon then signed a proclamation, declaring Father's Day a national holiday.

In the document, he wrote: "Let each American make this Father's Day an occasion for renewal of the love and gratitude we bear to our fathers, increasing and enduring through all the years."

When is Father's Day marked around the world?

The Feast of St Joseph falls on March 19 and is marked by Catholic countries around the world.

New Zealand and Australia celebrate Father's Day on the first Sunday in September, while in Germany the date coincides with Ascension Day in May or June.

Elsewhere, Thailand marks the occasion on December 5 and many Middle Eastern countries observe Father's Day on June 21.

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