Best Father's Day books 2021: 28 books your dad will love

14 June 2021, 19:55 | Updated: 15 June 2021, 12:22

These are the best Father's Day books for 2021
These are the best Father's Day books for 2021. Picture: Amazon

By Emma Clarke

Is your dad a bookworm? If so, we've selected some of the best books to give him this Father's Day.

Whether your dad is into murder mysteries, science fiction, cooking or architecture, a good book always makes for a nice gift.

Now that the summer months are upon us, it's an even better time to gift books, as nothing quite beats reading in the sunshine.

With Father's Day fast-approaching, we've put together a list of books for inspiration.

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Here are the best books to buy for Father's Day this year:

The Folio Society specialise in beautiful, hardback editions
The Folio Society specialise in beautiful, hardback editions. Picture: The Folio Society

1. Catch-22, Joseph Heller

It may be old, but it's a classic for a reason!

Telling the story of a US Army squadron, Catch-22 is a gripping, funny piece of literature that's stood the test of time.

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2. The Game of Thrones series, George R.R. Martin

Whether they loved the ending or not, there's no denying the Game of Thrones series is absolutely epic.

As much as the HBO series covered a lot of ground - and went further than the books currently do - there's a lot of detail in the books that just isn't featured in the TV show, so we recommend reading the series for all the extras.

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3. The World of Jeeves: Jeeves and Wooster, P.G. Wodehouse

These classic comedy tales follow the adventures and antics of Wooster and his butler Jeeves.

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4. A Promised Land, Barack Obama

The former president of the United States released this memoir back in 2020.

It's sharp, inspiring and such a brilliant read.

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5. Such a Fun Age, Kiley Reid

This page-turner is the debut novel of Kiley Reid.

Charting the relationship between a Black babysitter and her white, liberal employers, Such a Fun Age covers race, gender and privilege.

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6. The Nickel Boys, Colson Whitehead

This harrowing tale comes from the Pulitzer-prize-winning author behind The Underground Railroad and tells the story of a Florida reform school for boys.

Hiding behind the school's austere and do-gooding facade, however, lies a dark secret full of pain and heartbreak.

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David Attenborough's witness statement on climate change and the devastation of the natural world
David Attenborough's witness statement on climate change and the devastation of the natural world. Picture: Penguin

7. A Life on Our Planet, Sir David Attenborough

National treasure and famed naturalist David Attenborough released his latest book at the end of 2019, which acts as a witness statement and covers the devastating impact of humans and climate change on the natural world.

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8. In Cold Blood, Truman Capote

Based on a true story, Truman Capote's In Cold Blood is a 'non-fiction novel' depicting the 1959 murder of a Kansas farmer, his wife and two of their children.

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9. The Picture of Dorian Gray, Oscar Wilde

A vein man becomes increasingly aware of his good looks after a painter named Basil Hallward creates a stunning portrait of him.

Realising his outward appearance acts as a mask, Dorian gradually delves deeper into a hedonistic lifestyle, before discarding his friends, morals and reputation.

Only the painting, which he has stored out of sight, bears the marks of his sins.

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10. The Thursday Murder Club, Richard Osmon

TV presenter Richard Osmon may have extensive knowledge on just about every topic, but he's also a bestselling author of fiction.

His debut is about a group of four friends who live in a small village, who meet up once a week to investigate unsolved murders.

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11. Where the Crawdads Sing, Delia Owens

Delia Owens' beautiful prose is full of stunning imagery and dizzying descriptions of the North Carolina landscape.

Following the plight and struggles of Kya "Marsh Girl" Clark, Where the Crawdads Sing is a classic coming-of-age story - with a difference.

Running alongside the main narrative is a murder mystery storyline that keeps readers on their toes.

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12. Girl, Woman, Other, Bernardine Evaristo

A love song to Black womanhood, Girl, Woman, Other looks at the lives and struggles of twelve different characters - many of which are women, Black and British.

It has been widely celebrated, winning the Booker Prize in 2019 and the British Book Awards' Fiction Book of the Year in 2020.

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13. Norwegian Wood, Haruki Murakami

Music has the power to change our mood, provide the words when we have none and transport us to different times - and that's the case for Toru Watanabe.

As soon as he hears George Harrison plucking the sitar strings in The Beatles' Norwegian Wood, he thinks back to his childhood love, who battles with her mental health.

While he visits her in the sanitarium where she's staying, Toru also gets to know a student at his university, who shows him how much life has to offer.

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14. The Midnight Library, Matt Haig

Esteemed author Matt Haig recently released The Midnight Library, a tale shortlisted for the British Book Awards this year.

The plot focuses on Nora, who visits a magical library - whose books enable her to rewrite her life and see how things could have turned out for her if she'd gone in a different direction.

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Beth Kempton's Wabi Sabi celebrates the fascinating Japanese concept
Beth Kempton's Wabi Sabi celebrates the fascinating Japanese concept. Picture: Platkus

15. Wabi Sabi, Beth Kempton

Add a bit of zen to his life with this marvellous book on the captivating Japanese concept, which helps readers see beauty in imperfections and appreciate simplicity and nature.

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16. The Night Manager, John le Carré

Kicking off in Egypt, the night manager of a hotel finds himself unwittingly drawn into the world of war and organised crime.

This is an exhilarating read that will have your dad on the edge of his seat.

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17. Liveforever, Andrés Caicedo

This pulse-racing novella follows María del Carmen Huerta, an alluring yet disagreeable young woman who demands the world and fails to consider the consequences of her actions.

She is vivacious and drawn in by Colombia's enduring rumbas and late-night party scenes, but it sometimes comes at a price.

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18. The Bench, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex

Younger children may wish to gift their dad's the debut novel by Meghan Markle.

Inspired by her son Archie's bond with his dad Prince Harry, The Bench has been hailed by critics for its beautiful artwork and heartwarming plot.

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19. Outdoor Cooking, Tom Kerridge

It's BBQ season, and what better way to mark the summer months than with an outdoor feast?

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20. Small Pleasures, Clare Chambers

A suburban mystery set in south-east London, Small Chambers centres on Jean Swinney, a journalist approaching her 40s who's become disillusioned with life.

She is then contacted by a young woman named Gretchen Tilbury, who claims her daughter is the result of a virgin birth.

As Jean delves into the investigation, she discovers a lot more than she bargained for.

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21. David Hockney, David Hockney

Art lovers will cherish this book on the British painter's career thus far.

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Vegan JapanEasy makes for a great Father's Day gift
Vegan JapanEasy makes for a great Father's Day gift. Picture: Hardie Grant

22. Vegan JapanEasy, Tim Anderson

Vegan food has come a long way in recent years and this cookbook from Time Anderson celebrates the very best of Japanese cuisine.

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23. Dishoom, Shamil Thakrar, Kavi Thakrar & Naved Nasir

Paying homage to Bombay's Irani cafes, Dishoom is a hugely popular restaurant chain in the UK.

Now, diners can recreate some of the restaurant's iconic dishes at home, with the first-ever Dishoom cookbook.

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24. Death Note Complete Box Set, Tsugumi Ohba

Manga-mad dads will love this series, which centres around a high school teenager, Light Yagami, who discovers a notebook dropped by a Shinigami death god.

Light soon realises that whoever's name he writes in its pages will die.

He then sets off on a quest to rid the world of evil - but things aren't quite so simple.

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25. Klara and the Sun, Kazuo Ishguro

From the Booker Prize-winning author of Never Let Me Go and The Remains of the Day, Klara and the Sun is critically-acclaimed and explores themes of love.

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Accidentally Wes Anderson is the ultimate coffee table book
Accidentally Wes Anderson is the ultimate coffee table book. Picture: Little, Brown and Company

26. Accidentally Wes Anderson, Wally Koval

If your pa is into ultra-stylised films, travel and architecture, then this is the book for him. It also looks pretty good on the coffee table!

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27. Bradshaw's Handbook, George Bradshaw

Fans of Michael Portillo's Great British Railway Journeys will already be familiar with Bradshaw's Handbook, which serves as a faithful friend and tour guide to the TV presenter.

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28. The Road to Little Dribbling, Bill Bryson

An update on his novel Notes From a Small Island, this witty, hilarious travel story by American author Bill Bryson is bound to put a smile on your dad's face.

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