Hunt to find Tesco shopper ‘Barry’ who left winning lottery ticket in trolley

3 January 2023, 12:24

A man left his lottery ticket in a Tesco trolley
A man left his lottery ticket in a Tesco trolley. Picture: Alamy

A lottery winner called Barry left his tickets in a supermarket trolley after winning a 'significant' amount.

A mystery winner left their prize cheque in a supermarket shopping trolley.

The anonymous shopper - known as ‘Barry’ - had been getting his groceries from a Tesco in the Cambridge area.

But after the £1,500 cheque was discovered outside a store Barry became the subject of a huge social media appeal.

According to Cambridgeshire Live, the prize was found by Richard Haslop, who posted it on several groups on Facebook and local community message boards in a bid to find them.

A man called Richard tracked down the winner
A man called Richard tracked down the winner. Picture: Alamy

At the time, Richard said he was very keen to reunite Barry with his winnings after his wife found the cheque.

He revealed that 'Barry' had won a substantial sum and said anyone coming forward would be asked to describe what the tickets had been found in to stop anyone trying to steal the money.

He wrote on social media: "Anyone know a Barry Levett?

"The reason I ask is that my wife found a number of lottery tickets (which also included a winning cheque made out to Barry hence why we know a name) in a Tesco’s trolley and we wish to return to him."

His post continued: "A description of what the tickets are kept in would be required before anyone tries to claim on his behalf. Thank you."

Someone called Barry lost their lottery ticket
Someone called Barry lost their lottery ticket. Picture: Alamy

And it looks like the campaign worked, as Richard Haslop managed to track Barry down and visited their house to deliver the cheque.

Opening up about the moment he found Barry, Mr Haslop said the elderly man was convinced he still had the tickets in his bedroom.

He said: "He thought the tickets and the cheque were upstairs. He said 'it's by my bedside' - and he was absolutely convinced, and I said to him 'I don't think it is, it's in my van', at which point he said he'd go upstairs and check.

"He came down five minutes later and he was almost shaking and a bit scared that he had lost it so I gave him it then and he was very, very pleased, he was happy to see it."

Richard told ITV News Anglia there were six lottery tickets including Euro Lotto and National lottery all with a number of lines on them.

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