IKEA reveal how to create their famous Swedish meatballs and sauce

23 April 2020, 17:00

They've produced an easy recipe
They've produced an easy recipe. Picture: PA

We can't pop to the superstore to fill up on meatballs and mash at the moment, but we can recreate them at home very easily.

Spontaneous trips to IKEA are the best, especially when you take a trip to the canteen for some meatballs before stocking up on tonnes of candles that you definitely don't need.

While the stocking up on candles part might not be possible at the moment, we are able to try our best to make our own versions of the meatballs at home.

IKEA have revealed their recipe
IKEA have revealed their recipe. Picture: IKEA

IKEA have revealed the exact recipe for making the meal so you can truly authentic when recreating, and it's a pretty simple one too.

All you need in your fridges and cupboards to make the meatballs is some ground beef, ground pork, onion, garlic, breadcrumbs, eggs and milk.

The sauce’s shopping list includes butter, flour, vegetable stock, beef stock, heavy cream, soy sauce and Dijon mustard.

The ingredients are simple
The ingredients are simple. Picture: IKEA

Then the actual method of creating the meatballs only has six simple steps so it should be as easy as anything to make, even the most inexperienced of chefs should be able to cope.

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Many people have taken to cooking and baking while in lockdown in an effort to prevent the spread of coronavirus, which Lorena Lourido, Ikea’s country food manager in the UK and Ireland, told People she knows “can be hard.”

She added: "We want to help make everyone’s lives that little bit easier and more enjoyable."