The moment a giant tarantula was caught crawling around a plane

24 November 2021, 12:24

A spider was seen crawling around a plane
A spider was seen crawling around a plane. Picture: Alamy/Instagram @directorbrazil

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Shocked passengers looked on as a giant spider was spotted crawling around a plane.

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While most of us have spent a lot more time at home over the past year, the travel industry is just starting to open up again.

But if you’re planning on boarding a plane in the next few weeks and are scared of creepy crawlies, you might want to look away now.

A recent flight turned into chaos when a giant tarantula was found crawling around among the passengers.

The spider was spotted on a Volarius flight which was travelling between Mexico and Brazil.

Shared by Instagram user @directorbrazil, he wrote: “So this just happened on my flight…

“There was a tarantula on the plane. This guy captured it while we were flying.”

The video shows a man grabbing the tarantula with a large piece of plastic. He is then seen carrying it away while flyers looked on.

A tarantula was found in a plane
A tarantula was found in a plane. Picture: Alamy

After being reposted by account Passenger Shaming, the clip has now gone viral and has been watched thousands of times.

One person commented: “Spiders on Planes!,” while another said: “Super glad when I did the previous longest flight (Dallas to Sydney) we didn’t have any special stowaways!”

Another said: “Don’t sleep on planes with your mouth opened.”

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“Wtf no way”, said another, while a fourth simply wrote: “Oh heck no.”

“Coming to a plan near you!,” was another comment, and someone else joked: “And y'all were worried about snakes on a plane.”

A flight attendant added: "As a flight attendant, I would have politely let someone else handle that."

And someone else finally joked: "That spider was too big to not have paid for a seat."

It isn't clear how the spider got onto the plane and it appeared to be unharmed.

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