Grandkids take 82-year-old grandad to UK’s rudest diner without telling him

9 June 2022, 12:11 | Updated: 9 June 2022, 12:20

One grandad was left confused when his grandkids took him to 'Karen's diner', where the staff are purposely rude to customers.

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An 82-year-old grandad was baffled when his grandchildren took him to the UK’s ‘rudest diner’.

Karen’s Diner was first opened in locations across Australia, including Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne, and encourages customers to moan as much as possible while dining.

The restaurant recently came to Sheffield, along with ‘100 percent rude staff’ who take pleasure in hurling insults at their customers.

In a post that has now gone viral on TikTok, Ellie Coleman filmed her grandad Albert attending the diner for the very first time, but under the guise that it was a normal restaurant.

Poor grandad Albert was pranked by his grandkids
Poor grandad Albert was pranked by his grandkids. Picture: TikTok @elliecoleman48

Unsurprisingly, the hilarious video has now been viewed over 4million times and sees Albert sat down at the table while the staff insulted him.

At one point he was told to 'f****** eat it then' by a waiter and he was also pictured wearing a paper hat with a swear word written on it.

Another awkward moment sees the diner start singing 'happy birthday’ but with another swear word in it.

Right at the end, 82-year-old Albert admitted Karen's Diner was 'not my scene'.

Grandad Albert was shouted at by staff at Karen's Diner
Grandad Albert was shouted at by staff at Karen's Diner. Picture: TikTok @elliecoleman48

The video has since received hundreds of comments, with one person writing: “When he said at the end it’s not my scene 😂bless him 🥰”

“How did you do grandpa like that. He’s too cute 😂,” said someone else.

A third added: “Bless him he just wanted a nice birthday with his family and he hated every second.”

Ellie followed the video up with a message from Albert himself after his experience in which he can be seen eating an angel slice and saying: “Thank you everybody for all of the comments.”

Karen's Diner opened in Sheffield this year
Karen's Diner opened in Sheffield this year. Picture: Karen's Diner

Karen's Diner prides itself on good burgers, terrible customer service, and a free drink if your name actually is Karen.

The website says: “Karen’s is an interactive diner and an absurdly fun experience. At Karens you will be greeted and waited upon by rude waiters who in return are expecting you to give it full Karen.

“A place where you can complain until the cows come home because we literally don't care.

“You can expect good food, good fun and a dining experience like you've never had before. Let us know if it's your birthday, if your name is Karen and for the love of Karen don't ask to speak to the manager...”