Groom furious at best man after 'harsh' joke about his second marriage

18 January 2022, 11:56 | Updated: 18 January 2022, 12:05

A groom was left furious by his friend's best man speech
A groom was left furious by his friend's best man speech. Picture: Getty Images
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A groom fumed at his best man after a joke about his previous wedding backfired.

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A man has asked for advice after he was scolded for a joke he made at his friend’s wedding.

The anonymous Reddit user explained that he had been chosen to be best man at his pal’s second wedding.

He was also best man for his first ceremony, so thought it would be funny to reference this in his speech.

The best man thought his joke was 'hilarious'
The best man thought his joke was 'hilarious'. Picture: Alamy

"I was recently the best man at my friend's second wedding, and I was also the best man at his first,” he explained.

"I saw this joke online and it made me laugh, so I stole it and for my opening speech I said, 'Right well ... Welcome back everyone', which got more than a few laughs, especially from the bride, who seemed to find it hilarious."

Despite thinking everything went well, later on in the day, the man was approached by his furious friend.

The post continued: "Everything went well, the speech was over and done with. But later on, after a few drinks, my friend told me I was out of line with that kind of joke, and how I'd embarrassed him.

The groom was 'embarrassed' by his friend's joke
The groom was 'embarrassed' by his friend's joke. Picture: Alamy

"He claimed it wasn't funny and said I shouldn't have brought his last marriage into this. I mean, a best man's speech will always be more jokey than anything and beyond that, it was fairly tame.

"That was the only reference to his last marriage in the entire speech ... was I really that out of line?"

The confession has since attracted hundreds of comments, with other users divided over who is in the wrong.

One person said: "You should have asked him if he was cool with you bringing up his previous marriage during your speech."

Someone else wrote: “There’s a good chance the bride laughed because that was expected of her she didn’t want to make a scene.”

A third said: “Maybe you should have run it through him first, because he has a right to feel how he feels.

“But also it’s a very harmless joke, like it’s not out of line and it’s quite common, plus if the bride found it funny then I don’t see the big deal.”

Someone else agreed: "If you weren't a tad bit embarrassed by your best man's speech, did you really have a best man?"