‘My ex’s new girlfriend has asked to wear my wedding dress’

23 December 2021, 11:20

Heart reporter

By Heart reporter

The internet has sided with a woman who revealed her ex-husband's new girlfriend has asked to wear her wedding dress.

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A woman was left fuming when her ex-husband’s new girlfriend had a bizarre request.

Taking to Reddit, the 35-year-old woman explained that she had been divorced from her ex-husband ‘K’ for three years.

The pair share a five-year-old son and have remained ‘on great terms’, staying friends after the split.

K, 41, started dating someone new, who she has named ‘G’, around ten months ago and they all get on really well.

A woman is furious at her ex-husband's new bride
A woman is furious at her ex-husband's new bride. Picture: Getty Images

However, things got seriously awkward when G asked if she could wear the anonymous woman’s wedding dress if she gets married.

“Everything seemed to be going great until the other day,” the Reddit post reads.

“G and K have started talking about marriage. I know K is really hesitant, but G really wants to be married and have children on her own.

“I guess G saw some old pictures of me in my wedding dress and has been raving about how pretty my dress is.

“The other day we had coffee together and G brought up getting married soon. I told her how happy I was for her.

“Things changed though when she asked if she could wear MY wedding dress. I was really shocked she even asked.”

A woman has refused to let her ex-husband's new girlfriend borrow her wedding dress
A woman has refused to let her ex-husband's new girlfriend borrow her wedding dress. Picture: Getty Images

The woman went on to say while she was flattered, it was a firm no.

This didn’t go down well and G ‘immediately got extremely pouty and started to ask why’.

She continued: “I explained that I just wasn't comfortable with her wearing my dress to marry my ex-husband.

“She got really upset and started to cause a scene. I walked out knowing that she was not going to calm down.”

Her ex-husband then called and said he ‘completely understood’ her side of things, but that didn’t stop G hitting out at her for not ‘sharing’.

“G is claiming that I’m not over K and that I’m just doing this to ruin her wedding,” the anonymous woman continued.

A woman has asked for advice about her ex-husband
A woman has asked for advice about her ex-husband. Picture: Getty Images

“While it’s true that I’m not over K, part of me just doesn’t feel comfortable having her wear my dress.”

Unsurprisingly, other Reddit users were quick to comment, with one writing: "Why on earth would a woman ever want a dress that their partner's ex-wife wore? That just boggles my mind. That's some super bad juju right there.”

Someone else said: "She needs to buy her own dress. She and her family are out of their mind to think that having yours is the right way to do this wedding.

“Surely she can find another dress that is either the same or similar. Better yet - a dress all of her own. I'd be asking her why she wants to look like you on her wedding day."

A third added: "Just imagine being K and his soon to 2nd wife starts walking down the aisle and is wearing the same dress his ex wore this would be creepy as all hell.

"The crazier part is he hasn't proposed to her yet... Talking about getting married and being engaged are 2 different things."