'I didn't invite my children to my wedding and now they're furious'

9 September 2021, 12:12 | Updated: 9 September 2021, 12:18

A man has been blasted for not inviting his children to his wedding
A man has been blasted for not inviting his children to his wedding. Picture: Getty Images

A couple have been blasted after they didn't invite one half of their family to their wedding.

A couple have caused a debate after they got married without telling their children.

The anonymous bride and groom are in their early 40s and have both been married before.

They also are parents to eight children between them, six sons and two daughters, who are all aged between 16 and seven.

Taking to Reddit to explain his situation, the 42-year-old groom said: "I met my wife in December last year.

Should the groom have invited his children to his wedding?
Should the groom have invited his children to his wedding? Picture: Getty Images

"She was widowed in November, and we got engaged two weeks ago in front of all the kids who were very happy."

While the children were at their mum’s house for the week, the couple decided to tie the knot in a ‘small ceremony’.

He continued: “It wasn’t a big wedding, just a nice evening on the waterfront.

“Her kids were with their grandparents and again mine were with the mother. I talked to them several times during the week like I usually do.”

But things got awkward when the man’s kids came home to find their dad was married without telling them.

“When they came home from the mother’s house, my daughter noticed I was wearing a wedding ring,” he said.

“At that point we told the kids we were married. Then we had a BBQ with cake.”

While his children were angry about being left out, the man added: “My wife says this is what she wanted and it’s ok they weren’t there.”

Unsurprisingly, the post racked up hundreds of comments, with one user writing: "I would imagine your kids feel like you're already choosing your new wife over them, and unfortunately they're not even wrong."

Someone else said: "A wedding when you have minor children isn't just you and your wife coming together; it's your families too. Your kids are part of this. Not including them in the day if they wanted to be there wasn't the right move in my opinion."

While a third added: “You didn’t elope just the two of you. You had a wedding with all of her kids and none of yours. You left them out of your new life and prioritised other children over them. They will never forget this”

And a fourth agreed: "The way you told your kids probably made them feel unimportant to you. It was kind of mean to just spring it on them with no warning."