This £6 house plant helps to prevent mould in your bathroom

14 April 2022, 12:53 | Updated: 14 April 2022, 12:58

This plant could help with the mould in your house
This plant could help with the mould in your house. Picture: Getty Images/Alamy

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Peace Lily plants have been recommended by a cleaning expert as effective mould repellent.

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Mould is common in households up and down the country and is caused by excess moisture.

But one room which is most prone to a build up of the nasty stuff is the bathroom, because it is notoriously difficult to ventilate.

While you might have spent hours using various cleaning products and home remedies to get rid of the mould in your home, an air purifying plant could be the simple solution.

Peace Lilies absorb moisture in the air through their leaves and don’t need much sunlight to survive.

A Peace Lily could help with the mould in your house
A Peace Lily could help with the mould in your house. Picture: Alamy

They also love the shade and thrive in high humidity, which makes them perfect for your bathroom.

A spokesperson from Gardening Express previously told Ideal Homes: “Mould in the home is caused by excess humidity. Warm rooms, like bathrooms, are at particular risk.

“Using plants to help keep mould at bay is a practical and natural way to control humidity and moisture in your home.

“How good a plant is at reducing humidity is all to do with its ability to absorb dew, fog and other moisture through its leaves. This moisture then moves down to its roots.”

Try putting a Peace Lily in your bathroom
Try putting a Peace Lily in your bathroom. Picture: Alamy

You can pick up a Peace Lily for as little as £6 from stores such as B&Q and Wilkinsons, or even buy bulbs for around £2 to grow your own.

There are also plenty of other plants which can help with mould, including English Ivy, which can remove airborne mould from humid spaces.

Boston Ferns thrive in indirect sunlight and moist soil, while Reed Palms also absorb moisture through their leaves.

Cleaning expert Kerry Hale from Mira Showers told the Express: "Purifying plants can be effective in lowering the humidity in the air, helping break down existing mould and preventing more from developing – English Ivy, Peace Lily, Boston Fern are some nice choices, and Tillandsia can be great too if you have a bright window."

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