Male fitness guru slated for saying women who don't lose weight after childbirth are to blame for divorce

30 January 2020, 10:29

The fitness guru has been slammed for his comments
The fitness guru has been slammed for his comments. Picture: Getty

Nobert Schobert has been slammed by furious mums from around the world.

Gym enthusiast and businessman, Nobert Schobert has come under fire by seemingly endless women after he's commented that women are to blame for their divorces if they don't lose their baby weight.

The controversial comments were made during a live social media video and it's not gone down well at all.

The father of three has since deleted his social media accounts due to backlash, as he started men shouldn't get the blame for falling out of lust with their wives and no longer being attracted to them if they "can't be bothered" to lose 20-30kg after childbirth.

Norbert said a husband can’t “lust for his wife” if this is the case, and said the woman is the one starting problems in the relationship. 

The Hungary-based fitness fanatic said if the weight isn't shed, it can ruin the marriage entirely and leave children “half-orphaned”.

He added women “blow the whole thing" after giving birth and a man "suffers when a woman, who used to be 58kgs but is now 78 or 88 kgs, comes stamping into the room".

Apparently men aren't to blame
Apparently men aren't to blame. Picture: Getty

The outspoken dad said it is essential women return to their pre-baby weight in order to have a happy relationship. Not only does the weight gain put men off, but Norbert claimed women’s skin becomes “disgusting” after childbirth. 

After the comments were made, Norbert has been slammed by Hungarian politicians and public figures alike, who urged him to apologise. 

Others have said fans should boycott buying his products. 

So far, Norbert has refused to say sorry for the comments and said he hoped the video would be a "communications atomic bomb".

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