'My mother-in-law has vetoed my baby name as it makes her uncomfortable'

6 December 2021, 11:42

The woman asked Mumsnet for advice (stock image)
The woman asked Mumsnet for advice (stock image). Picture: Getty

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A mum has asked for advice after her mother-in-law tried to veto the name she'd chosen for her new baby.

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Choosing the perfect name for your new arrival can be a daunting experience, and many new-parents may seek the advice of friends and relatives.

But one pregnant mum was shocked to learn that her mother-in-law wanted to 'veto' her chosen name as it made her feel 'uncomfortable'.

Sharing her story to Mumsnet, as reported by The Sun, the woman wrote: "I’m pregnant with number three. Have used all the baby names we like up for boys on the first two.

"There is one name I absolutely adore but it’s the name of my husband’s uncle.

The woman said the name was a '10/10' (stock image)
The woman said the name was a '10/10' (stock image). Picture: Getty

"My mother-in-law does not speak to her brother (or any of that side of the family) and has said we can’t use it as it would make her uncomfortable."

She added: "I feel a bit exhausted with all the drama and I don’t want this to escalate.

"On the other hand I genuinely wan"t to call my baby this name and feel a bit sad/annoyed about it."

The mum went on to say that the name is a "a 10/10", adding: "The other options are like 8/10 or less and I’m not sure how I feel about naming my child a second or third choice name for this woman if you see what I mean?

"She’s really been quite unkind to me personally. I have tried to move on from that but I just don’t know how reasonable she is being here and if I want to give up this name for her."

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The woman received mixed advice, with some telling her to ignore her mother-in-law, and others saying she should pick another moniker.

One person wrote: "You owe her nothing. Call your baby whatever you want, if she has an issue with that, that is her problem."

In the end, the woman chose to not use the name, saying that her other half had told her he felt uncomfortable with the name.

She also revealed what the name was, saying: "Uncle is called Raphael. Second choice name is Rafferty."

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