Mum furious after in-laws reveal they’re charging family for Christmas dinner

11 December 2023, 16:02

Mum furious after in-laws reveal they’re charging family for Christmas dinner
Mum furious after in-laws reveal they’re charging family for Christmas dinner. Picture: Getty Images

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A mum has complained about her in-laws after they decided to charge their family to cook Christmas dinner.

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One woman threatened to cancel her Christmas plans back in 2021 after finding out her in-laws were charging a fee to host the festivities.

Taking to Mumsnet, the anonymous woman explained that she has hosted Christmas at her home a few times, but this year her husband’s family decided to take charge.

She said: “My brother-in-law and sister-in-law are hosting Christmas dinner this year. I've hosted before. Basically, they are charging us per family for dinner.

"I've never charged them before but apparently because they've got a lot of people going this year they have decided to charge.”

Christmas dinners can get expensive for families
Christmas dinners can get expensive for families. Picture: Alamy

Explaining that the money would be used on champagne, despite her not drinking, the woman continued: “In the next breath they’re saying how many bottles of champagne they are planning to buy, but have said they will be splitting the cost evenly between us all.

“They know I won't be able to drink as it’s just assumed by everyone I'll do all the driving.”

The mum went on to say that she would be happy to bring a dish to the meal, but finds it ‘unfestive’ to give them an undisclosed amount of cash.

“I would, of course, have taken things round or would have been perfectly happy if they'd ask me to bring a certain course,” she said.

“My husband says he is on their side as they are doing all the hard work. Granted, but I've never charged them and would never dream of! It’s really put me off going, but of course I will go to keep the peace!”

The woman later added: “I find the whole thing just so awkward and embarrassing! What will they do, send an invoice through on Christmas Eve? How blooming festive!”

The post seemingly divided opinions, with many pointing out that hosting Christmas can get very expensive. Someone wrote: “One of my siblings always hosts Christmas because they have the space.

“The rest of us chip in with the cost. We aren’t being ‘charged’ we just recognise that it isn’t fair for one family to bear the significant expense. And it is more important to be together, and enjoy being together, than staying in our own homes because ‘if they can’t afford to host they shouldn’t invite.’”

Would you charge your family for Christmas dinner?
Would you charge your family for Christmas dinner? Picture: Getty Images

Another person agreed, adding: “I think you should offer what you’re prepared to pay. I’ve lost count of the number of Christmas dinners I’ve cooked and hosted at 200-400 quid a pop and nobody offered to contribute!”

But others were on the mum’s side, with a third person writing: “I think as a host you could ask people to bring something (a dish, a bottle or a dessert to share) to help spread the load a bit. Charging seems wrong.”

“I think that's really cheeky especially if you have hosted previously,” said another, while a different user added: “Very cheeky. Especially if you have hosted before and incurred the costs & the hassle!

“We always split the courses…the host does the main & the guests bring starters and puddings. Everyone brings booze.”

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