Pregnant woman banned from family Christmas after row erupts over her unborn baby's name

16 December 2020, 10:08 | Updated: 16 December 2020, 10:19

A woman has been told she can't join her family for Christmas
A woman has been told she can't join her family for Christmas. Picture: Getty Images

A mum-to-be's sister is urging her to reconsider her unborn baby's name.

One expectant mum has revealed she might not be seeing her family this Christmas unless she agrees to change her daughter's name.

Posting to Reddit, the anonymous woman, 27, explained that she and her 25-year-old partner are expecting a baby girl in January.

Despite the birth still being a few weeks away, the new parents have already decided to call their little one Romelia, which is a combination of two names in their family, Romana and Camelia.

While Camelia is the name of the woman’s grandmother, who passed away two years ago, Romana was the name of her partner’s cousin who they lost to cancer.

A woman's baby name choice has caused a divide in her family
A woman's baby name choice has caused a divide in her family. Picture: Getty Images

But despite the sweet sentiment, the expectant mum’s sister said she should name her daughter something ‘more modern’.

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The woman explained: "My sister is against naming our daughter after ‘dead people she'll never meet’ and that the name sounds old fashioned and that she needs a more modern name to ‘fit in more’ with children in her class.

“When I told her that I would not be changing the name, she started screaming that I was no sister of hers, that I was disrespecting the family.”

The anonymous Reddit user went on to say she has tried to limit contact with her sister during her pregnancy, but she has been 'calling her everyday.'

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"My partner answered one about three months ago in which she said to tell me to check my email,” she continued.

"I decided to do so, and she had sent me a list of names to ‘strongly consider’ using, including Riley, Kailey, Luna, Emersyn (spelt like that) and Harper.

"I ignored the email and continued to ignore her calls.”

She went on to reveal that her wider family now want to ban her from the Christmas video call because she has caused so much ‘drama’ with her baby name.

Speaking about her sister, the pregnant woman added: "I worry that my baby name has had a severe impact on her health, although I don't believe myself it's my fault, everyone in my family is treating me as though it is."

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The post quickly racked up lots of comments, with one user writing: “Your sister is the one who is causing her own mental health damage here. She needs to stop obsessing over what you do or do not name your child.

Another said: "Your family is enabling her. And the name you chose is lovely."

Another person added: “And if your family is willing to cut YOU instead of HER from the Christmas call for ‘causing drama’ they aren't worth speaking to.”

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