NHS doctor explains why you should wear socks to bed

15 December 2020, 11:31

Do you wear socks in bed? (stock images)
Do you wear socks in bed? (stock images). Picture: Getty

A doctor took to TikTok to claim that people should be wearing socks when they sleep - here's why...

An NHS doctor has claimed we should be wearing socks in bed, revealing that there's a scientific reason why it's good for us.

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Dr Karan Raj, who has amassed a whopping 2.3million TikTok followers thanks to his medical tips, said: "You need to start sleeping with your socks on, and here's why.

"Wearing socks to bed increases the blood circulation to your feet this causes your blood vessels to vasodilate - they widen.

"When the blood vessels widen they can get rid of heat much quicker because of the much bigger surface areas.

"This allows your core body temperature to cool down at a faster rate than normal, and a lower core body temperature is needed for optimal sleep.

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"If you want better feet, cover your feet."

The doctor revealed the scientific reason why we should be wearing socks in bed
The doctor revealed the scientific reason why we should be wearing socks in bed. Picture: TikTok

Dr Raj is an NHS surgeon, who hit headlines earlier this year when he explained how wearing gloves could be spreading germs during the coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking on a TikTok video in April, he said: "I'm going to explain why you don't need to wear gloves when you go out."

He then used a marker pen to demonstrate how germs accumulate on the surface, saying: "There you go, germs. You keep touching more things throughout the day with these same gloves. Germs, everywhere. You're accumulating germs.

"Your glove is now more full of germs than your hand would have been if you'd washed each time.

"And remember, with these same gloves you'll be touching your steering wheel, you might accidentally touch your hand, transferring the germs to yourself. 

"And then when you're changing your gloves you might be actually touching the glove itself!

"Just wash your hands, be sensible, stay safe."


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