Sleeping with your dog in your bed is the 'key to a good night's sleep'

15 December 2020, 11:54 | Updated: 15 December 2020, 11:58

Would you let your pooch sleep in bed with you?
Would you let your pooch sleep in bed with you? Picture: Getty

If you let your dog sleep in your bed you're more likely to sleep well, a study has claimed

We have wonderful news for anyone who's ever been judged for letting their pooch share there bed with them - a study has claimed that allowing your dog to sleep next to you actually increases your chances of getting a good night's rest.

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While some may say it's odd and a bit revolting, sleeping next to your dog is apparently much more preferable to sleeping next to 'disruptive' cats and humans. We knew it.

Dogs were preferable sleeping partners to cats (and humans!)
Dogs were preferable sleeping partners to cats (and humans!). Picture: Getty

The study, entitled: "An Examination of Adult Women's Sleep Quality and Sleep Routines in Relation to Pet Ownership and Bedsharing" (conducted in 2018), examined how allowing their pets to sleep with them affected 962 women in the USA.

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55 per cent of participants allowed at least one their dogs to share a bed with them, 31 per cent allowed at least one of their cats, while 57 per cent slept with a partner.

And dogs were found to be the best sleeping buddy out of the other two alternatives.

The study concluded that, despite their tendency to wiggle around, take up your side of the bed and snore, the comfort of them being next to you trumps not having them there at all.

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A previous study has claimed that just under half of people allow their dog to share their bed, meaning that a huge number of us are already reaping the benefits that canine bed-sharing brings.

We'd recommend giving them a thorough clean first, though...


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