‘My mum demands I buy her gifts on my birthday to thank her for giving birth’

21 February 2022, 14:22

A mum has been criticised for demanding presents on her daughter's birthday
A mum has been criticised for demanding presents on her daughter's birthday. Picture: Getty Images

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A 25-year-old has fallen out with her whole family after she shouted at her mum for expecting gifts on their birthdays.

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A woman has been criticised after she asked her children to buy her presents on their birthdays.

Taking to Reddit, the woman’s 25-year-old daughter explained that she and her three siblings aged 10, 16 and 18 are all told to get their mum gifts.

She wrote: "Every year on every single one of our birthday, we're expected to celebrate my mom as well.

“We've done it since we were little. It was taught to me as 'giving thanks for carrying and giving birth to us,' which I'm all for, I am grateful as we wouldn't be here without her.

A woman has asked for advice after a family argument
A woman has asked for advice after a family argument. Picture: Getty Images

“The issue is though, it becomes less of our birthday and more-so an anniversary for the day our mom gave birth.”

As the kids have got older, they are now expected to get their mum ‘monetary’ presents, not just homemade cards.

The post continued: "Just recently was my birthday and I was gifted some much needed clothes and dish ware for my new apartment. My dad however got my mom a new mac book."

And their dad isn’t the only one splashing the cash on his wife, as this year on her birthday, the Reddit user’s 16-year-old sister said she'd spent all her money on their mum.

A mum demanded a £220 gift from her daughter
A mum demanded a £220 gift from her daughter. Picture: Getty Images

"She said she was sorry she couldn't get me much (she got me a sweater, I love it!) and that she wanted to get me more but our mum was pressuring her to get a certain necklace for our mum," she said.

"My sister was worried our mom would be upset and feel under-appreciated if she didn't get it.

“I asked how much it was, and my sister said it was $300 (£220).”

Unfortunately, a family argument broke out after the daughter finally ‘lost it’ at her mum.

"I think she's ridiculous for even wanting my sister to spend so much on a gift!” the post says.

“Mom started crying and my dad kicked me out. Mom won't answer calls but my aunt mom's sister called and said I was wrong for not respecting my mother and that I'm a selfish, child for being jealous of the gifts mom got."

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Unsurprisingly, the post received a lot of comments online, with one person writing: "I've never in my life heard of such a ridiculous thing as gifts for the mother or father for a kids birthday.

“That is some narcissistic nonsense. Shouldn't your father get them too? On Mother's Day and Father's Day are they expected to give you guys gifts since you are the reason they are parents?”

Someone else said: "It was her choice to carry four children and give birth to them. Your mother sounds self-centred and selfish.”

While a third added: “There is already a day of the year dedicated to celebrating people who are mothers and it’s not the children’s birthdays.”

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