'I named my puppy after my neighbour as pay back'

8 July 2022, 10:54 | Updated: 8 July 2022, 10:55

The man shared his story to Reddit (stock images)
The man shared his story to Reddit (stock images). Picture: Getty

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A man has told Reddit that he named his dog after his neighbour as a joke.

An anonymous 27-year-old man has revealed that he named his rescue dog after his neighbour to 'get his own back' on him.

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Taking to Reddit, he revealed that he has a 'great relationship' with the neighbour, and that they 'love to wind each other up' on a regular basis.

As reported by the Mirror, he said: "I've wanted a dog for as long as I can remember. I've been in my own place for two years now and am in a position where I can bring a dog into my life.

"I wanted a puppy so I searched around so many rescue centres to find one because I wanted to adopt rather than go to a breeder - also for the cost, if I'm being honest.

The man said he has a 'great' relationship with his neighbour (stock image)
The man said he has a 'great' relationship with his neighbour (stock image). Picture: Getty

"I ended up with a crossbreed puppy who is seven-months-old. He's fantastic already - a right little character."

He learnt that his chosen dog was named Marley, but asked the centre if he could change it as that was the same name as his childhood pet.

The man added: "It just didn't feel right replacing my Marley - that's what it felt like I would be doing anyway.

"I asked the centre about changing his name and they said he would get used to a name change because he'd only been with them a short time."

"I thought about what I could call him all evening and then it came to me - I'd call him Peter after my neighbour.

"My neighbour is in his late 60s and we are always pulling each other's legs. He doesn't have children and says I'm like the son or grandson he never had - it depends how old he is feeling on the day."

When his neighbour was in his garden the following day, he told him that he had a 'surprise' to show him.

He added: "I went out into the front garden and showed him my Peter over the fence. His face was priceless when I told him I named him after him.

"He said he is both 'honoured and insulted'.

"He went straight in and brought his wife, Sandra, out to show her. She couldn't stop laughing and said it made her entire year that I named my dog Peter.

The neighbour found it hilarious that the dog had been given his name (stock image)
The neighbour found it hilarious that the dog had been given his name (stock image). Picture: Getty

"In the weeks since, my neighbour Peter has been over to give little Peter gifts. He bought him some toys and treats and said he would happily watch over him when I'm 'hitting the town failing at chatting up a girl'. I might have to take him up on that offer."

Reddit users rushed to praise the man's story, with one writing: "I thought this was going to be a petty story but it was surprisingly wholesome! Love the relationship you have with your neighbour, it's an adorable story. Hope little Peter and neighbour Peter won't team up to try to one up you."

Another added: "This was sweet! This reminded me of my grandma telling me that one of her neighbours growing up named their dog ‘Help’. You’d just randomly hear them yelling HELP!'. It's a good thing nothing bad ever happened."

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