'My neighbours park so close to my front door I struggle to get out of the house'

13 February 2023, 15:53

Would you get fed up if your neighbour kept parking like this?
Would you get fed up if your neighbour kept parking like this? Picture: Reddit/Alamy
Alice Dear

By Alice Dear

The resident's parking dilemma has divided opinions – but who do you think is in the wrong?

In an ideal world, your neighbours would be friendly, polite and respectful, however, this is rarely how it goes in the real world.

Neighbours have been falling out over hedges, noise and bins for as long as time, but there's one element of living next to someone that always causes drama – parking.

And while a lot of us are used to parking disagreements with our neighbours, one resident has revealed that their situation has got so out of hand that they cannot leave the house without kicking their neighbour's car.

Taking to a forum on Reddit, the person shared a picture of their neighbour's car parked outside their front door.

The resident said they can't get out of the door without a struggle
The resident said they can't get out of the door without a struggle. Picture: Reddit/u/Amazing-Dinner8391

The car is parked so close to the front door that it appears there is – at most – a metre between the exit and the car.

Captioning the image, they wrote: "This is how our dentist neighbours park. Struggled to get outside without kicking his car but made it. Next time I won’t be that gentle."

Most people have been sympathetic towards the resident and have suggested some hilarious ways to get revenge.

One person commented: "Do you have a washing machine that you need to carry out?"

Another wrote: "I'd have an accident painting the upstairs windowsill fluorescent pink lol."

One person suggested the resident park their own car in this space to stop their neighbour from taking the spot, however, the person explained: "I don’t own a car. There’s a dental practice next to us and they always park like this although they have the whole drive way just for them."

They added: "They know it’s wrong but [are] still doing it."

Some people, however, took the side of the neighbours, and argued that there was enough space to get out of the front door.

One Reddit user commented: "You struggled to get through that three-foot walking space? Have you ever heard of a sidestep? They are quite useful in 'tight' spaces lol."

Another person responded: "I agree. There seems to be plenty of room to get by, just not comfortably."

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