Bizarre optical illusion makes couple look like they've swapped heads

30 March 2021, 10:47

Can you spot it?
Can you spot it? Picture: Kennedy News & Media
Polly Foreman

By Polly Foreman

After a couple took an innocent photo of them sat on a sofa together, they noticed something very unusual...

We'd only just recovered from last month's 'man or dog' fiasco, but now another optical illusion has come along to blow our minds once again.

After taking an innocent photo of them sat on a sofa, one couple noticed something very strange about the image.

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Kellie Gnauck, 29, and Sam Cassidy, 34, took a photo to celebrate their new emerald green sofa they bought for their flat in Greenwich, London.

However, in probably the most bizarre optical illusion we've ever seen, it looks like they've swapped heads due to the position they are sat in.

It might take you a while to work it out...
It might take you a while to work it out... Picture: Kennedy News & Media

Can't work it out? Kelly is lounging on Sam from an angle, with her legs up on the sofa to his left side.

Kellie explained: "I'd ordered the couch back in September, so it's been about a five month wait.

"So when it finally came, it was a very big day. And we saw a photo opportunity right there, so we took it.

"The optical illusion is the only reason we put it online. It was, by far, not the nicest picture [of us].

"I honestly thought it was fake. I didn't realise these types of pictures happened naturally."

The photo was shared to social media, and it has since racked up a huge number of comments and likes from stunned members of the public.

Kellie's caption read: "Photo shoot with your new sofa? Sure! Why not!

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"And by pure luck and many blessings, we ended up with picture number three. Which might just be lockdown's finest achievement.

"Hell, it might be life's finest achievement...who's to say."

Sam added: "I didn't find it creepy at all, I thought it was brilliant. I'd looked at the photo and realised how lucky we were to be chosen in such a world.

"We're a blessed pair, few people can say they've experienced such wonder.

"I think people online realised how rare this was. It's very rare - rarer than a unicorn!"


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