Mum claims bathing her daughter, 3, in BREAST MILK treats her eczema

12 July 2019, 12:34

The mum shared her unusual method of getting rid of eczema on Instagram
The mum shared her unusual method of getting rid of eczema on Instagram. Picture: Instagram

The mum-of-four has claimed that breast milk helps soothe her daughter's painful eczema.

A mum has claimed that she's been treating her daughter's painful eczema with breast milk, insisting that it is helping the painful condition.

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Mel Watts, from Central Coast in Australia, told her Instagram followers that breast milk has been successful in treating three-year-old daughter Indie's condition.

Indie has been suffering from skin problems since the age of two, and Mel had tried everything from gluten free and dairy diets to using various creams.

But it's breast milk that's provided the best solution, she claims.

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Taking to Instagram, she wrote: "Indie was so excited to have a bath in 'boobie milk'... I mean you try everything right?

"Taking breast milk donations. Yes... it's not my breast milk cause that'll be well and truly stale lol.

"Add: I don't actually need your milk as I have a supplier up here. But try it in the bath for your babes, her skin is so smooth!!"

She later told Kidspot that, rather than trying to cure the eczema, she was trying to soothe it for the Australian winter.

Mel said that Indie "came out super smooth" after she "just sat in it for a while".

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But despite Mel's post, many Instagram users were sceptical.

One wrote: "Well that's just stupid and very unsanitary."

Another added: "Bathing in it isn't a necessity although it looks fun and may have perks. I just see more benefit for a child who drinks it."