Terrified 5-year-old girl shaves her hair off because of sick Momo challenge

27 February 2019, 17:27 | Updated: 28 February 2019, 08:23

Momo challenge
Momo challenge. Picture: Facebook

The hairstylist claims the young girl was "brainwashed" by the "monster" who terrorises children online.

A horrified hairstylist has revealed the Momo challenge convinced a 5-year-old girl to cut all of her own hair off.

The youngster had been following instructions from the creepy character, who went viral after appearing on WhatsApp and Youtube.

The Momo challenge has even been reported to have targeted young children by infiltrating Peppa Pig videos on Youtube and games.

Now a hair salon has posted a warning on Facebook, after sharing pictures of a young customer who fell victim to the sickening trend.

"So I’ve just had a beautiful little girl in affected by this sick MOMO challenge!! If you are unaware this sick human/mutant is hacking into peppa pig, fortnight, minecraft etc," the post, from Toddler Trims reads.

The shocked hairstylist added: "Any & most children’s YouTube videos, telling them to cut there hair off, hold Knives up to there throat, set themselves on fire & that it will suck all the blood from there body ... this little girl is off to the doctors after her new haircut."

"She is five years old & still keeps talking about momo, her mother is absolutely devastated!!

**WARNING TO ALL PARENTS** So I’ve jst had a beautiful little girl in affected by this sick MOMO challenge!! If you are...

Posted by Toddler Trims on Tuesday, 26 February 2019

"Thankfully we have managed to give her a cute pixie cut which she loves but still won’t promise me she won’t listen to MOMO again. I couldn’t help but feel this monster has brainwashed her."

It adds: "Her mother is pretty traumatised & turning the internet off for now. She has asked me to make everyone aware of this sick sick challenge & what it is doing to our babys!!!"Please search #momochallenge on fb/google & keep your babies off the net... this could’ve been a lot worse!"

The post has since been hared over 59,000 times in less than 24 hours as more parents grow fearful the trend has now spread to the UK.

The online challenge has been shared by teenagers over WhatsApp and is already believed to have been linked to the deaths of two teenagers in Columbia.

Momo threatens that if the children don't do what she says then she will 'curse them' and along with pictures of the creepy doll-like figure are instructions on how to harms themselves and others.