Mum hits back after she’s criticised for buying eight-year-old daughter a bikini

5 April 2022, 11:35

A woman has been criticised for buying her daughter a bikini
A woman has been criticised for buying her daughter a bikini. Picture: Getty Images

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An argument has broken out between parents over one mum’s decision to buy her daughter, eight, a bikini.

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A mum has sparked a debate after she bought a bikini for her eight-year-old daughter.

Taking to Mumsnet, the anonymous woman explained that she had been looking for some new swimwear for her child ahead of their holiday.

After going shopping with her good friend, she picked up a two piece that she thought her daughter might like.

But this didn’t go down well with her friend, who called the outfit ‘inappropriate’ for a young child.

A woman has asked for advice about her child's swimwear
A woman has asked for advice about her child's swimwear. Picture: Alamy

In her post on the parenting forum, she said: "We are going away this summer, I have started buying bits for our holiday. Out with a friend shopping who has a daughter a year older than mine.

"I picked up a cute little two-piece swimwear for [my daughter]. She thought it was completely inappropriate and was shocked that I would even consider putting her in one.

Asking for advice from other parents, she added: "Am I being unreasonable to think it's fine to put my daughter in a two-piece?"

When another user asked if her daughter likes wearing bikinis, the mum replied: “Yes she was with us and picked it out.... she has only ever worn a full suit before as we haven't been away since pre covid.

Parents are divided over swimwear for their kids
Parents are divided over swimwear for their kids. Picture: Getty Images

“She always wore a more full suit to protect her from the sun.”

One user said: "My seven year old wears them all the time. She prefers them as there are easier for her to use the toilet".

Someone else said: “My daughter wore tankinis at that age and still prefers them than a full swimsuit, as do I.”

Another wrote: "I loved bikinis when I was little, swimsuits were for proper swimming. I had a lovely brown one with orange crabs on (it was the 1970s)".

A fourth added: “Two piece definitely easier for going to the toilet. Dd had some in a more crop top style rather than triangle cup style.”

“We do rash vests for anything outdoors, for sun protection. Indoor pool their choice,” said a fifth.