Mum hasn't washed her kids' hair for TWO YEARS... and says it's in perfect condition

8 January 2019, 12:58 | Updated: 8 January 2019, 15:50

Alice Westoby

By Alice Westoby

Would you quit using shampoo on your kids?
Would you quit using shampoo on your kids? Picture: Getty

A mum of two is embracing the 'no poo' movement for her and her kids - but would YOU try it?

For those who aren't in the know, the 'no poo' movement is all about ditching the shampoo and conditioner and embracing your hair's natural oils.

Virginia Tapscott, 28, is a mum of two who has adopted the approach not just for herself but for her children, and claims that their hair is better than ever.

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Virginia pictured with her children
Virginia pictured with her children. Picture: Instagram

Speaking to Femail, the Australian mum explained how she is chuffed with the results and said: "My hair is different now. It has more body and is less dry and brittle. The natural oils actually make it easier to brush."

Virginia decided to ditch the hair products after becoming concerned over "weird ingredients" and wanted to reduce her children's "repeated exposure to chemicals."

She also wanted to reduce the amount of plastic waste her family was responsible for.

Now she and her kids only was their hair with water and on occasions use bicarbonate of soda. If it begins to look oily she combats it with tapioca powder sprinkled at the roots and brushed through.

She said that her children's hair has remained "like any other one-year-old's hair" and people often point out her son and "how beautiful his curls are".